Information for Collaborators


Hello from Pete & Em at Poppy & Sage Photography!

Thank you for considering working with us. You can read more about us here. We are driven to support local businesses; we welcome the opportunity to network and be mutually beneficial.

Here are vendors we have worked with to date:

  1. Azul Denim

  2. Beach & Garden Ceremonies

  3. Beautiful Wedding Hire

  4. Beautspace

  5. Black Jacket Suiting

  6. Blooming Blossoms

  7. Bohemian Leatherware

  8. Botanical Lab

  9. Brisbane Festoon Hire

  10. Brisbane Furniture

  11. Bumble & Bloom

  12. Cake House

  13. Cake My Day By Jo

  14. Cake That

  15. Catherine Clare HMUA

  16. Cheyne Finney MUA

  17. Courtney Cusack HMUA

  18. Click Picnic

  19. Coco Blush Boutique

  20. Collab with Style

  21. Crystal Dreamz

  22. Deliberately Delicious

  23. Dolce Organico

  24. Dyan Copeman MUA

  25. Emily Jane Designs

  26. Emunah Events

  27. Estilhome

  28. Fallen Broken Street

  29. Fiona McIntyre Celebrant

  30. Forests of Wildflowers

  31. Francesca's Flowers

  32. Gabbinbar Homestead

  33. Get Lick’d Iceblocks

  34. Ginger Blonde Co

  35. Glamping Hire Co

  36. Gloriosa Florals

  37. Goddes Makeup Design

  38. GS the Label

  39. Hair by Faye Maudsley

  40. Heather Cutts Hair

  41. Heirloom Bride

  42. Historic Rivermill

  43. Hodgepodge Hire

  44. Holly Rose Couture

  45. Ivory Haus

  46. Kellie’s Antiques

  47. Life Is What You Bake It

  48. Little Duck Calligraphy

  49. Little Green Leaf

  50. Little White Couture

  51. Macarons by Monika

  52. Magnolia Studios

  53. Makeup by Gigi

  54. Makeup by Hayley Gervais

  55. Makeup by SEM

  56. Makeup by Taylah

  57. Martha Lois MUA

  58. Mary Poppies

  59. Mary Poppies’ Bag

  60. Mini Yay

  61. Mirra Events

  62. Molossi Designs

  63. Myaink Words

  64. My Bridal Centre

  65. My Jewellery Shop

  66. Oscar & Ivy Bridal

  67. Paul Collier Wedding DJ + MC

  68. Perfectly Beautiful Makeup

  69. Platter to Plate

  70. Raw Cotton Collection

  71. Riverside Receptions

  72. Riverwood Weddings

  73. RJ. Lavender & Co

  74. Roaring Twenties Bonnie’s Adventures

  75. Roxy Celebrant

  76. Scenic Rim Wedding Hire

  77. Sew Master Fashions

  78. Sharla Park Country Weddings & Events

  79. Simply Special Events

  80. Soda Pop dot AU

  81. Something for Catering

  82. Songbird Silk

  83. Sophia Mulheran Designs

  84. Studio B Couture

  85. Studio C Bridal

  86. Superb Party Hire

  87. Temptation Platters

  88. The Bridal Box Co

  89. The Sweet Society Co

  90. The Vale Australia

  91. This Is Eden Jewellery

  92. Urbbana

  93. Visual Reality Productions

  94. Wendy Louise Designs

  95. When Freddie Met Lilly

  96. Wil Valor

  97. Wild Lotus

  98. Wish Boutique Stationery

  99. Yesterday Creative

Some FAQs:

Thank you for inviting me. What is the point of this shoot? For your portfolio?

We don't organise shoots just for our portfolio. That is a definite by-product, though! If we simply wanted content for our portfolio, it would be a lot easier for us to line up some models, buy a gorgeous cake from any one of several amazing cake shops in Brisbane, grab some flowers from the markets, and head for some epic locations in and around Brisbane. Researching, approaching, & explaining our shoot to potential vendors takes time. Liasing with vendors takes time. Managing the event takes time. Behind-the-scene shots and individual content for vendors takes time. We do it to network and get to know you and your stories. In turn, you get to know us, too. :-) And together we make memorable images for everyone to enjoy!

What kind of turnaround can I expect?

During off-season, it takes up to 4 weeks to deliver the images.

During peak-season, up to 8 weeks. (We will notify all parties involved of the timeline during the planning process.)

If one of the purposes of the shoot is publication, we typically request between 3 and 4 months for submission and we do not deliver the images until that period of time is completed.

Your thoughts on crediting and cross-referencing?

So our personal thoughts are this: every single time we share content from a collaborative shoot on social media, we tag ALL vendors on instagram and facebook (look at our posts for examples). We also share a blog with images from the shoot and we list information about all the vendors with back-links to your websites (or social media if there is no website for your business).

Sure! We would love to join the team on this shoot. However, for you to have access to our venue, it will cost $1000. Let us know how you would like to proceed.

We would chat with the team. If everyone is in agreement that x venue is the only place to hold the shoot at or it’s not worth going ahead as currently planned, we would split payments. However, out of fairness to all other parties who are covering their own costs, the venue will not be tagged or mentioned in any post (social, website - anywhere) where the images are shared. It is one or the other: payment or exposure but not both (especially when the purpose of the shoot is fundamentally collaborative). This goes for any team member requesting payment (even partial).

I would love to join in but I will need to post my items. If you could cover return postage, that would be great!

In a similar vein to the response directly above, ALL costs by each vendor are to be covered individually out of fairness to every other vendor participating out of their own pocket. Some vendors could reasonably argue that we should cover the cost of their fuel from the location. This way it is black and white and perfectly clear. Trade for print = all costs to be covered by each vendor individually.

Hope to work with you soon!