Bridal Shoot :: Classic Garden Inspiration in Brisbane, Australia

Hannah Sisson (we have worked with her previously) approached us with a thoughtful concept: her beautiful grandparents were going to be celebrating their golden anniversary this year & Hannah had something special in mind. Of course we agreed immediately! There is more to come of this story (the actual anniversary part) but we included a classic-inspired shoot on the day. None of this would have been possible without the following amazing team:

Model: Hannah Sisson @hannahhayessisson // website
Dress: Sew Master Fashions @sewmasterfashions // website
Cake topper: Molossi @molossidesigns // website
Car: Roaring Twenties Bonnie's Adventures @roaringtwentiesvintagecarhire // website
Stationery: Yesterday Creative Letterpress @yesterdaycreative // website
Ring: Kellies Antiques @kelliesantiques // website
Hair accessory: Forests of Wildflowers @forests_of_wildflowers // website
Florist: Botanical Lab @my.botanical.lab // website
Makeup: Martha Lois Makeup @marthalois_mua // website
Hair: Catherine Clare @catherine_hmua // website
Photography: Poppy & Sage Photography @poppyandsagephotography // website

We are grateful to each and every one of you!