Information for Models

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A little bit about us…

Hello! We are Peter & Emily from Poppy & Sage Photography. You can read about us here.

What's important to us:

Your safety!

Safety is always Number One.

We welcome you bringing along a parent. Or a partner. Or a friend.  Or a sibling. Someone you trust.  This is a non-issue and something that you don't need to check with us.

Most of the time, we shoot together (or we are both present at the shoot, at least). If we can't for whatever reason, we will let you know.

Our Number Two priority:

Your comfort!

You should feel comfortable and relaxed at all times. If we have asked if you would like to participate in a bridal shoot, for example, that is exactly what we will be doing. We won't also ask you do to boudoir (or dudoir, as the case may be) when you turn up for your shoot.

We have a model release form that needs to be signed before the images can be released. If you would like a copy of the model release form before the day of the shoot (we typically provide a hardcopy on the day or at the first meeting), feel free to ask and we will email it to you.

We are happy to work with under 18s. We do require that a parent or guardian signs the model release form, however, and that contact details for a parent or guardian are provided to us. It is very important for us that a parent or guardian is aware of the shoot and has had the chance to have any concerns addressed. After all, we are parents ourselves and so we understand.