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Carissa & Serena. Emunah Events. Where to start?

Well, firstly: we love the Emunah Events team (meet them and we know that you will agree!) and their outstanding work. They come highly recommended by us (you will find them on our recommended vendor page).

Prior to the wedding below, we most recently worked with the team on this shoot at Gabbinbar. We were blown away and delighted by their end product. They reached out to us again (we’re their in-house photographer) and mentioned the wedding below at Albert River Wines. We locked the date in and looked forward to working with the team again. Goodness, they blew us away once again. Absolutely.outstanding.work. Once again, it was a privilege and delight to work alongside these talented florists & stylists. We shot from 11:30 till 6 pm so the following images span from direct sunlight to golden hour. It was a funny day weather-wise as the sun popped in (=shade>blue white balance) and out (=sunlight>warm white balance) all day. Keeping the white balance consistent during editing was fun! ;) The location (Albert River Wines) is beautiful and so tranquil; make sure to add it to your list of venues to see in-person. It really is worth taking a look. We would like to note, too, that the signage was provided by Very Flamingo and, in our opinion, was very high quality. Feel free to check out these vendors for yourself and enjoy the following collection of shots from the day. :)

Emunah Events Brisbane Wedding Photography

Brisbane :: NASA // A Human Adventure

We love our local city and take any opportunity we can to share it with everyone else. :) A recent event on our local calendar, NASA: A Human Adventure at the Queensland Museum, was an incredible experience. It was produced by John Nurminen Events in association with the US Space & Rocket Center, Space Camp USA, & Cosmosphere International SciEd Center & Space Museum. Queensland Tourism & Events was the presenting partner. It closes on the 9th of October 2019; we highly recommend seeing it for yourself but, in the meantime, here are some from our visit. Enjoy!

Brisbane :: Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens

We live in a beautiful, friendly city. Sometimes it is nice to just slow down - appreciate it - and then share. We have shared Mt Coot-tha through our eyes previously (here & here) but here are some shots from a recent visit. Enjoy and we hope that you can go along and make the most of this secluded Brissie spot, too, sometime soon! :)

Brisbane & Surrounds :: Bribie Island

Bribie Island. One of the most under-rated locations in our local area, in our opinion. It might be small but it is full of natural, tranquil beauty. We cannot think of a better spot to explore, relax, swim and enjoy fresh-from-the-trawler fish (& chips) while watching the sunset - all in one day. If you are lucky, you might see some dolphins, too! Plenty of suggestions at Visit Bribie Island. In the meantime, here are some photographs from a recent (memorable) day at Bribie Island with friends. <3

THE FAMOUS HUT Artist Ian Fairweather outside his studio and living quarters at Bongaree, Bribie Island.

Fairweather lived on Bribie Island from 1953 until his death in 1974. Those years were his most productive as an artist.

Born in 1891, Fairweather had a solitary childhood. He spent many decades restlessly traveling the world until he settled on Bribie.

Luminaries of Australia’s visual arts community made the pilgrimage to see Fairweather at his Bribie hut.

The site of the hut is now at Fairweather Park on the corner of First Avenue and Hunter Street, Bongaree.

Ichthyology: fish science

Ichthyology is literally the study of fish: ikthus meaning fish and logos meaning study.

As a scientific system, ichthyology began with Aristotle – just a small part of his quest to document and describe everything on earth. By 332 BC he had described and classified 117 species of Mediterranean fish.

The father of modern ichthyology, Peter Artedi, standardised fish classification under the system of Carl Linnaeus, his friend and colleague at Uppsala University in Sweden. Most of Artedi’s work was done between 1724 and 1728. Unfortunately his career was cut short when at the age of 30 he fell into an Amsterdam canal and drowned.

Artedi had been visiting Amsterdam to catalogue the famous fish collection of Albertus Seba, a prosperous pharmacist. Seba had formed, as a private individual, the richest natural history museum of his time.

Fish in bottles

From the earliest days of the Amateur Fishermen’s Association of Queensland, members collected, identified, and preserved specimens of fish to track the changing quality and quantity of fish stocks in Queensland waters.

More than 300 of these are still in the collection. On some of the jars can be seen the meticulous handwriting of the collection’s first curator, the renowned ichthyologist James Douglas Ogilby.

In the years 1905 to 1912, Ogilby was working with the Amateur Fishermen’s Association of Queensland as a professional ichthyologist, publishing papers, attending meetings and even going on the Endeavour’s expeditions in 1909, from which 67 of the 280 specimens made their way to the collection.

The specimens at their peak probably numbered over 2000. In the bumper collecting year 1907, 601 specimens were added to the 456 already in the collection. In 1908, 295 were added. In 1909, at least 215 were added, probably more, and in 1912 another 345 were added. Just these recorded additions amounted to 1912 specimens in the collection.

This collection now has fish, crustaceans, seahorse, sharks, stone fish, one sea snake and even kelp. There are 9 flatheads, 10 gurnards, 10 leatherjackets, 12 eels and 15 cod. The specimens came from all up and down the eastern coast of Australia, from Cape York to Tasmania, but by far the most came from Moreton Bay and Bribie.

At least 30 were officially names and described by James Douglas Ogilby who was also the most active collector, contributing 53 specimens. Next best was EJ Banfield with 28 specimens.

What is a fish?

This question has probably caused more argument than any other. Are sharks fish? What about lungfish? Some eels have no fins, but they are fish. Some animals other than fish breathe using gills.

Only someone wanting to get thrown into the sea would quote Berra who wrote in 2001 that, allowing for exceptions, “we can define a fish as a poikilothermic, aquatic chordate with appendages (when present) developed as fins, whose chief respiratory organs are gills and whose body is usually covered with scales”.

Much easier is to point at a fish and say: “That’s a fish”. Unfortunately we don’t often have one handy when we are arguing about them.

As it happens, along with whiting, bream, snapper and flathead, which we all know are fish – whale sharks, manta rays, moray eels & seahorses are all not only fish, they are 100 per cent fish.

The best answer to the question “What is a fish?” is any animal a credentialled ichthyologist wants to call a fish. Unfortunately ichthyologists are not always handy either.

Fish all have backbones, but they are not always bony – shark have cartilage skeletons. Fish are cold-blooded. This rule is an important one as it excludes dolphins, whales and dugong. They are warm-blooded mammals, just like us.

The Norfolk – Matthew Flinder’s Sloop

This model of the Norfolk was built by Bribie Island resident, Kenneth Aldridge in 2010.

Information :: Instagram

You will find us at @poppyandsagephotography

Hello! We have been working hard on our Instagram account in recent times (as we mentioned in a post, we are “thinking of it [Instagram] more as a living, breathing portfolio than just another social media account”) and thought that we would bring everyone up to date. So we have found that people rarely ask for our website details; however, they do consistently ask, “What is your IG handle?”

We now have 500+ unique images on our Instagram account (yes, we are obsessive compulsive about not putting up the same image twice). When we do a photoshoot, we follow our couple’s lead and we take the images that they have requested. We also take the ones that we feel that they would want/might need. We typically deliver 50-75 images/hour of shooting. Some of these then make their way to our blog to tell a visual story. Some end up on our business Facebook page. Finally, what goes up on Instagram are our highlights. The images that resonated with us personally. The ones that represent our brand. The ones that we want to use to attract clients. We trust that we are making the process of sourcing a photographer a little easier for you by making our portfolio more accessible.

Romantic 'Rustic Luxe' Wedding Inspiration at Historic Rivermill in the Gold Coast Hinterland, Australia

It was a real privilege to be part of a wonderful team, led by lovely Marisha from Magnolia Studios, that created a simply stunning wedding styled shoot at the Historic Rivermill, Gold Coast Hinterland. More about the concept and team below but first: a huge thank you to Marisha for warmly welcoming us onto the team. Your perfect styling (highly recommended by us!) made our role incredibly easy. Secondly, it was such a delight to work with all the team members; everyone proved indispensable. Finally, we must say: it really is the little things that count. Thank you, Marisha, for providing turtle food for our little one to keep her occupied while I (Em) was busy shooting. Our little Chloe still talks about that lovely experience! :)

Marisha was responsible for the concept, planning & styling for this shoot. In her own words, she details the concept:

"The stunning and rustic setting of the Historic Rivermill at Mt Nathan provided the inspiration for our shoot. Such a stunning location with endless photo opportunities, natural beauty and history. I really wanted to complement and feature those natural rustic elements while creating a very relaxed and real vibe for the shoot.

The romantic 'rustic luxe' style was specifically chosen for the barn location, taking inspiration from the historical elements of the building and translating that into modern wedding styling. The authentic features of the 100 year old barn, a part of the original Rivermill operation, and the depth of lighting created a dramatic setting for the reception styling, featuring a mixture of ivory, lush greens and rich dark hues of plum and huckleberry.

The gorgeous flowing river and jetty provided a breathtaking backdrop for 'couple' and ceremony shots, as did the extensive grounds with the Mt. Tamborine hinterland beyond. No styling necessary there!

The upper lawn provided a great location for some fun relaxing shots of our gorgeous real-life couple, complete with drinks cart for champagne and whiskey and, of course, the stunning ruffled cake."

In terms of the team itself, Marisha stated:

“Working together with our team of fabulous wedding professionals was fantastic. Emily, from Poppy and Sage Photography, was amazing, providing unwavering support from the start and followed up with these stunning images. Leesha, from Little Green Leaf, absolutely nailed the concept and colour palette with her gorgeous stationary design, as did Imogen from Wild Lotus XXX with her simply stunning bouquet and feature florals.

The perfectly fitted figure-hugging dress for our bride by Holly Rose Couture was complemented by a fabulous suit from Urbbana for our groom. The gorgeous anemone flowers featured in the bouquet looked perfect sitting on the eclectic furniture provided by Brisbane Furniture. And what can I say about that amazing cake by Diana at The Sweet Society Co.

The team present on the day of the shoot created such a fun, relaxed and collaborative atmosphere for the entire shoot. Sarah, from Perfectly Beautiful Makeup, created Jess's flawless makeup and hair styling in amongst the hustle and bustle of the setup and styling of the barn, while Peter from Visual Reality was everywhere capturing every moment for our video. His fantastic rapport with our lovely model couple, Jess and Ben, helped them to relax on camera and enjoy the day with lots of laughs for the whole team throughout the afternoon.”

P.S. Finally, we want to make special mention of Peter from Visual Reality. Peter was a gentleman to work alongside and exhibited a very respectful videographer/photographer collaborative attitude to the shoot. As photographers who work alongside a spectrum of videographers (pretty sure a lot of them would have stories about photographers, too!), we can highly recommend both Peter and his professional work.

Concept, planning & (beautiful) styling: @magnolia.studios
Venue: @historicrivermill
Photographer: @poppyandsagephotography
Videographer: @visualrealityproductions
Florist: @flowersby_wildlotusflorist
Cake Designer: @thesweetsocietyco
Hair & Makeup: @perfectlybeautifulmakeup
Bridal Designer: @hollyrosecouture
Suits: @urbbana
Stationary & Signage: @littlegreenleaf_aus
Furniture: @brisbanefurniture
Models: @jessicalala & Ben 💕

Engagement :: J+S <3

John & Suzie - we cannot wait for their beautiful wedding next year! Both of them are committed to their family and, in fact, all of their shot requests featured family members/family moments important to both John & Suzie. Em took their engagement shots - in effect, another excuse to hang out with this lovely family (they shared how they go out regularly and do things as a family but then end up forgetting to capture the moment as they are so involved in making memories; so refreshing to see!). The shoot took place on a rainy afternoon but everyone made the best of it and made capturing the love between these two just delightful. John & Suzie, we hope all your planning goes smoothly and seamlessly. <3

Meet Kailyn :: Summit + Co (United States)

We kicked off a new series in January featuring traveling photographers from around the world (most recent feature here; to date, the list includes Italy, Canada, United States, Vanuatu and Australia). We make no secret of the fact that we love travel. We love learning about other cultures. We love contributing to a smaller, more interactive space. With this in mind, we are going to be sharing local stories by local photographers from around the world throughout our posts this year.

This month takes you to North Carolina (with a couple of extra places included - just for good measure)! Lovely Kailyn has some fabulous local recommendations for ice cream & coffee and some thoughful musings from her international travels. It has been a pleasure to get to know her through the dialogue that is inevitable when coordinating these features. Kailyn, would love to take you up on your invitation to reach out if we find ourselves in your beautiful neighbourhood. Thank you for joining in and for sharing stories from your part of the world (and world travels) with us! Enjoy!




South Carolina (Image by Summit + Co)

Hey there! My name is Kailyn. I am a creative who thrives on adventure. I seek out emotion and the ever-present hum of humans experiencing this amazing life journey. Thank you so much for giving me a bit of your day to read about one of my favorite things - TRAVEL!

For the last few years, I have been hanging out in Charlotte, North Carolina. My fiancé and I are a photography + videography team specializing in birth, love, and life in between. We have a pup that is part-coyote (don’t tell anyone) and a cat who is 100% attitude. 

If I am being really honest, I am a mountain girl. I moved here from Colorado, and that is home to me. We will be back home before long, but for now Charlotte is so good to us. One thing I love about this city is that it is so entrepreneur-driven. Everywhere you look, someone owns a business, which means there is someone you can learn from. This community is so supportive—definitely community over competition—and we love to lift up our small and local businesses.

Camp North End - Charlotte, North Carolina (GIF by Summit + Co)

I have traveled quite a bit, but the United States has always been my home base. One thing that amazes me is how diverse this country is. You can get a COMPLETELY different experience based on where you go and who you interact with. I love the outdoors, so if you make it to the states, I definitely recommend the Rockies. Colorado’s back-country has soooo much to offer and is plastered with beauty. If you’re on the west coast, Yosemite National Park and Sequoia National Park are my two favorite NPs. Yosemite was the only time that I have ever entered a national park and was immediately speechless. The rock faces are old with wisdom. Regal and breathtaking, yet unforgiving. They are something everyone should experience.

Canyonlands National Park, Utah (Image by Summit + Co)

Colorado Springs, Colorado (Image by Summit + Co)

Asheville, North Carolina (Image by Summit + Co)

Boulder, Colorado (Image by Summit + Co)

Boulder, Colorado (GIF by Summit + Co)

If we’re talking world-wide, one of my favorite recent trips would have to be to Australia. I was blessed with the incredible experience to photograph a wedding at the Whitsunday Islands, and it was AMAZING. There are plenty of reasons to go to Australia—the friendly people, the free city tours that dive into incredible history, getting punched by a kangaroo or eaten by a spider in one bite—but what I loved was the coral reefs. We got the opportunity to snorkel in The Great Barrier Reef, and the colors were spectacular. The most vibrant, neon colors occur naturally in the coral and the fish. That said, the reefs are dying due to a whole slew of man-made causes. I think if more of us take time to really appreciate this beauty, we will put more energy into protecting it. Whether it is in your own back yard or all the way across the globe, we can help nature and we can help each other, so don’t be afraid to do just that—help.

Whitsunday Islands, Australia (GIF by Summit + Co)

Whitsunday Islands, Australia (Image by Summit + Co)

Whitsunday Islands, Australia (Image by Summit + Co)

If you ever find yourself in the states and we happen to be in the same area code, I would love to meet and hear about your journey! You can also follow along with our adventures (we will be in Ireland soon!) at www.instagram.com/the.girl.and.her.dog or www.summitandcophoto.com/blog. In the meantime, if you make it to CLT, here are a few great local pit stops: 

Everyone loves coffee, right? Actually not me. I don’t drink coffee at all, but I know my fellow travelers do! If you are ever in The Queen City (Charlotte, that is), we have a handful of coffee shops called Not Just Coffee. I can’t speak for the taste or quality of the coffee because, well, I don’t drink it… but every one of these shops is so Instagram-worthy. From a photographer’s standpoint, the lighting is awesome and the energy in the shops is so chill. If anything, stop in for a photo.

We also have the MOST AMAZING ICE CREAM. Listen, I don’t like ice cream. I know, I know: it’s amazing that you’re still listening to me. However, we have a few shops called Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams and, let me tell you, they know what they are doing! They have super fun flavors like wildberry lavender and sweet cream biscuits with peach jam. They also have options for my fellow vegans, like dairy-free Texas sheet cake. Our CLT locations have great murals right by the shop. Get a scoop, snap a pic.

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams – Charlotte, North Carolina (GIF by Summit + Co)

I hope that you get to travel. I hope that you get to experience culture. I hope that you get a chance to embody a new perspective, and understand life from the eyes of another. More than that, I hope you get the opportunity (and take the opportunity) to help another person—to lift them up. I’ll close it with my girl Mother Teresa, “Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one come to you without leaving better or happier”. 

Hang loose,

Summit + Co.