Newborn Shoot :: Baby Naomi <3

Sweet Baby Naomi. It is such a delight for us (read Pete; he is our newborn photographer!) to capture these fresh moments. The little lined feet. The tiny curled fingers. The pencil lips. The wide gaping yawns. The strong emotions! It’s a vulnerable, fleeting time in life. We will be forever grateful that our early memories with Chloe were captured. It is a privilege to be able to provide the same for our beautiful clients. Sometimes we capture these sessions in hospital and sometimes, like the one below, at home. <3

Meet Valerie :: Valerie Fernandez Photography (Vanuatu)

We kicked off a new series in January featuring traveling photographers from around the world (most recent feature here; to date, the list includes Italy, Canada, United States and Australia). We make no secret of the fact that we love travel. We love learning about other cultures. We love contributing to a smaller, more interactive space. With this in mind, we are going to be sharing local stories by local photographers from around the world throughout our posts this year.

This month takes you off-the-beaten track to Vanuatu of all places! A little backstory from the Lonely Planet: “Vanuatu is a Pacific island adventure far beyond any notions of cruise-ship ports and flashy resorts. Deserted beaches, ancient culture, remote and rugged islands and world-class diving are just a small part of the magnetism of this scattered 80-plus island archipelago”. (You will find an interesting interactive map on this web page.) We have mentioned previously that we love getting to know the photographers behind the stories. Valerie, from Valerie Fernandez Photography, is lovely to converse with; you can be forgiven for thinking that you are on island time, too, as her warm, relaxed nature is contagious (the thought of living somewhere where you can forget to bring your phone with you? Yes, please - sign us up!). Since the flight time from our hometown to Vanuatu is less than 3 hours, you can bet that we have added this slice of sand, sea & sun to our bucket list. Thank you for joining in, Valerie, and for sharing stories from your part of the world with us! Enjoy!




Tell us about where you live?

I live in Vanuatu, a tiny island country in the South Pacific. It is about three hours flight away from Australia and New Zealand. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel a lot in my life and live in different places. I absolutely love discovering new places, cultures and people; however, I am also always happy to return home at some point. Beyond my obvious biases, there is something truly special about this country - something very raw, very simple and, to me, very authentic. I have found balance here between a life, passion and job that requires me to be connected at all times - as well as the need to actually not be connected at all times. It’s just easy to leave your phone at home around here. It’s easy to still connect with people face to face and not through some device. It’s easy to be spontaneous. I love that.


What makes your town/state/country unique?

Kava. Around 5pm here, most people are done for the day and usually gather in what we call “Nakamals” - a sort of outdoor version of a bar where one drinks “kava” (or other regular soft drink or beer). That’s probably the heart of the nivan culture and something unique. Kava is a drink extracted from a root with a very earthy, peppery taste. It isn’t alcohol. It is not a drug. However, it does have a relaxing effect (that turns to numbing if you abuse it). So everyday around 5pm, people gather for an hour - or two or three (it’s up to them) - and sit down outside. You will find some under majestic banyan trees or by the beach or wherever their favourite nakamal and crowd is. They just chat, catch up, connect. I love this about our culture. I love taking that hour of time to just be a human and connect with other humans, talking about everything and anything. Not knowing whether the conversation today will be silly and witty or deep and meaningful. I love that our lifestyle allows us be dedicated parents & committed business owners but still allows us time to be part of a community and see our friends almost every day. It gives us a wonderful balance. It allows us to transition nicely between our working day and our life at home, blow some steam, have a laugh, and still be back home early enough for family dinners, playtime and cuddles with our bub, and bedtime stories.  Both my husband and I have spent years in cities like London and Paris where the everyday rhythm is crazy. Therefore, we appreciate time as our most treasurable thing today.


If I traveled from the opposite side of the world, what should I visit in your country?

Tanna definitely. 100% Tanna. Vanuatu has about 80 islands. That’s a lot of tropical paradise to offer but Tanna is so special, it is actually, truly worth coming all the way from across the globe. Tanna is home to the world’s most accessible active volcano. By that, I mean that you can actually sit on its crater rim. As you watch the sun set over the ocean, you can witness the pure, raw force of nature. You will feel, hear, and see the volcanic eruptions and the sky and stars turn red (check out some footage here). If that’s not enough, Tanna has landscape like the moon, tropical beaches, lush green jungles, pristine waterfalls and blue caves all along its coast, accessible only by swimming in from the ocean. It’s a land for the old souls and the children at heart, the adventurers, & the wanderers.


Coffe or chai/tea?

Personally, coffee AND tea. ☺ I don’t know that I can shoutout for a fav coffee shop as that’s actually one of the things I miss about big cities… especially after 8 years spent in Paris where there are probably as many coffee shops as inhabitants. That isn’t to say we don’t have nice little coffee shops around here. We do but I can’t think of one that stands out particularly. What I can say, however, is that we have our very own coffee - 100% Vanuatu coffee. It is grown and harvested in Tanna and processed in Port Vila. That should be enough to make any coffee lover happy, don’t you think? And if that’s not enough, you could pair Vanuatu grown coffee with a Vanuatu tree to bar Gaston Chocolate, for example. ☺  Yes, we have that too. The cacao beans are grown and harvested in the outer island of Malekula, the chocolate bars are made in Gaston’s cute little shop downtown… and you can sip a cup of Tanna coffee while actually watching the chocolate being made!


Best breakfast café?

Hmmm… my loyalties are torn apart! I would say Jill’s Café for a typical homey feel. K2 for several reasons: amazing & healthy breakfast with a twist, traditional recipes revisited with local products & a creative flair, and wonderful coffee & fresh juice. Chantilly’s on the Bay, finally, for amazing breakfast with a view.


Three reasons for why someone should visit your country?

To unwind, stay in a heavenly resort away from it all and let the crystal clear waters and light palm breeze rejuvenate your soul and reconnect you with yourself and your loved ones. To go out of your comfort zone, experience a destination where twenty-first century lifestyle and traditional culture overlap, where you can have access to international standard comfort, or choose to be adventurous and go completely off-the-beaten tracks. Slow yourself. Come back to a rhythm that is healthy. Learn patience.


Any local legends?

None that come to my mind particularly. Having said that, the nivan culture is very, very mystic. Some of the most remote islands are known to be home to actual sorcerers and black magic. This is actually something that is taken seriously around here. As far as I’m concerned, well, just in case, I prefer to respect these beliefs. ☺


Train, bus or walk?

Bus. Our buses don’t follow a given itinerary. You stop them anywhere you would like a cab. Hop in, tell the driver where you are going and he will take you there. Bear in mind, though, that this works on a first come, first serve basis so it is worth making sure the bus you’re hoping on is going your way if you don’t want to end up going all over town before you reach your destination! ☺ (I suppose this could also answer your question about a local quirk! ☺)


Best accommodation?

There are so many options! Erakor Island is a small islet reached by a five minutes ferry ride over crystal clear blue waters with star fish all over the seabed. Breakas Resort for the surfing. Eratap and The Havannah for a truly romantic getaway. Ratua Island and Tanna Rockwater for absolute barefoot luxury, for a honeymoon or a quiet retreat.


Must see vantage point?

Clem’s Hill overlooking far into Port Vila, the harbor, Mele Bay, villages, coconut tree fields, Hideaway Island… there is so much of what is typical of Vanuatu in one panorama.


Most colorful character in your hometown?

Clement Martinez is maybe not the most colourful character in town but he is definitely worth visiting and chatting with. He is the friendly owner of “L’Houstalet”, a French restaurant he opened over forty - maybe even fifty - years ago now. And almost nothing has changed in the restaurant over the years. Clement and his restaurant are a part of Vanuatu’s history and have been the witness of it as well. They were here before we became an independent country, and they stay even after. If history isn’t your thing, he serves delicious pizza - as well as less ordinary dishes, such as lobster and flying fox. ☺


Number one thing you miss when you’re away?

My loved ones and my dogs. Also, the sights. I love the fact that I can see the ocean from almost everywhere, that nature is so present around us, & it makes me feel like I can just breathe better. I miss that when I’m away, for sure!




You will find Valerie here:

Information :: What Makes an Image Important

Narrowing down the options when choosing a wedding photographer is typically multifaceted. You want to love the photographer's work. You want a personality that "gets" you as individuals and as a couple (put simply, you want someone relatable!). You need to be able to afford them. With this is mind, some of the most important reasons for why we blog regularly (fyi: we blog once a week and this is our 128th post) are:

  • to tangibly demonstrate how passionate we are about our role as wedding photographers

  • to show who we are and what this means to you as our client

  • to share tips and ideas

Essentially, the kind of information that we are hoping will be important during your decision-making process. Today, we are sharing a little more about us & some food for thought for our clients. A recent discussion about some of our most memorable & personal images to date was the catalyst.

We work really hard on perfecting our craft. We focus a lot of attention on people skills, composition, chasing the most ideal light, depth of field... have we lost you yet? ;) We decided to strip all that back during our discussions and we challenged each other to think of our personal favourite images (rule time: we could only pick a maximum of 2 images). Of course, we both gravitated to ones that have all three of us in them. However, we currently do not share images of our daughter, Chloe, online. So we started again. Naturally, our minds drifted to favourite shots of the two of us - mostly taken during travels. With that in mind (and as the exercise was beginning to feel too easy!), we narrowed the criteria down even further: Pete had to choose two images that featured only him and I had to choose two that only featured me.

{Try this for yourself! You might surprise yourself with what you end up choosing. Actually, why don’t you stop reading now and pick out your two all-time favourites. We’ll come back to yours in a moment.}

In the end, Pete settled on one image. He felt that this one summed up everything for him:

I chose two as they are from a similar time period (same year) but during very different experiences and I find the polarity striking:

Interestingly, all three are “okay” images (definitely not terrible). However, are they perfectly composed? Was the lighting nailed? Honestly, does it even matter? All three tell a story that is important to the subject. Pete chose his representative image for a range of reasons. Skydiving was a dream come true. He was proud of himself for taking the risk. Pete experienced freedom that comes with… well, jumping out of a plane with all risks carefully calculated. I chose my graduation image as I was (and am) so proud of this achievement. It is something that was the result of hard work & dedication. I chose the one from my first time experiencing snow. This moment features in one of the top 10 days of my life to date. Experiencing snowfall was (in my case, anyway) a magical moment. I don’t usually take selfies but this was a moment I wanted to freeze forever - literally.

When you selected your two images, did you think anything along these lines, “I really like x one but I can’t possibly keep it! If I took it again, I would make sure I was a little more off-centre. If it followed the rule of thirds, I think I would be more inclined to keep it”… “Hmmm, this is a good one but the shadows on my face are too pronounced. I think I will scrap it. Shame really as it always makes me feel happy when I look at it!”… “Oooops - the highlights are blown! Forget it! …

Correct me if I am wrong but I am guessing that you chose based on how looking at those images makes you feel?

Capturing an image in such a way that the subjects feel something for the rest of time is at the heart and soul of wedding photography.

In conclusion, we wanted to take this opportunity to re-frame the importance of capturing the moments that are important to you. Yes, we will strive for perfect composition, image processing, lighting, timing, & storytelling. However, we will not compromise storytelling & capturing raw emotion at the expense of perfection. We want the resulting images to tell your story; not be representative of our “brand” per se. We want you to love your wedding photography for a lifetime.

Collab with Style Hens Party Inspiration in Brisbane, Australia

We recently received a message from Savannah Lyle, the owner of Collab with Style, asking if we would be interested in working together. Two days later, we participated in a hens-inspired shoot together. It was absolutely beautiful; full of rich, earthy tones with pops of pink & yellow! The entire shoot was styled perfectly and Savannah, Queen of Organisation, was amazing to work with. All the vendors involved are listed below; we enjoyed working with each of them.

Event Organizer: @collabwithstyle
Styling & Setup: @mini.yay
Clothes: @gsthelabel
Flowers: @marypoppies @marypoppiesbag
Photographer: @poppyandsagephotography
Candles: @estilhome_au
Hens Decorations:
Cakes: @lyfeiswhatyoubakeit93
Hair: @_hairbyfaye_
MUA: @makeupbytaylahz @glambyfiscv_
Scrunchies: @rj.lavenderandco
Ice Blocks: @getlickdiceblocks
Bags: @bohemian_leatherware
Meringues: @dolceorganico
Earrings: @emilyjane_designs
Models: @astyndonaldd @kaitlinshave @elliekate__ @lily.fokas @maddy.tia @paigebentleyy @dakotaduffell @bryah & @tashhoeksema_

Information :: Open Day at Sharla Park Country Weddings & Events

On the 18th of May, Sharla Park Country Weddings & Events held their first Open Day. We were delighted to showcase our business; even more delightful, however, was the opportunity to meet all the lovely couples that visited & other wedding vendors on the day. We will introduce the fellow vendors in the post below. A huge thank you to David & Kerri from Sharla Park Country Weddings & Events for hosting such a fabulous day! You will find Sharla Park Country Weddings & Events listed on our recommended vendors page. Here are some fast facts about this stunning venue:

  • It is located approximately 45 minutes from Brisbane CBD (A3->M1->you are there)

  • it is also located approximately 45 minutes from Caloundra (M1)

  • It features 31 acres (some of which is a blank canvas so that you can create your own dream event; other parts feature country-inspired structures)

  • It is family run (David & Kerri will take care of you)

It was a pleasure to be able to showcase our business alongside other wedding vendors at Sharla Park Country Weddings & Events’ Open Day on the 18th of May.

We asked Emunah Events to style our table - incorporating their stunning floristry, of course. This was their take on our ‘still life’ brief and we could not be more delighted with their expression.

This bouquet featured on Emunah Event’s table. We decided to include this image directly under the one above as it perfectly showcases the team’s talented spectrum of work. They created the still life for us - classic brief - and they created something on-trend (soft & romantic) - modern brief - for themselves. <3 All other work we have done with the Emunah Events team to date can be seen here. Otherwise, a brief visual recap can be found on our recommended vendors page.

We had never heard of/seen ‘cow’s udder’ before! Trusty Wikipedia informs readers that, “Solanum mammosum is commonly known as nipplefruit, fox head, cow's udder, or apple of Sodom” and “is an inedible Pan-American tropical fruit”.

These biscuits were made by Diana from The Sweet Society Co; more about Diana soon as she was the cake vendor present on the day.

Emunah Events with all the floristry & styling on the day.

Diana, from The Sweet Society Co, showcased cakes that demonstrate her keen eye for detail & beautifully unique artistic flair. We also sampled her cakes and they were perfect. Highly recommend friendly & personable Diana for your big day.

It was a pleasure to meet Yvonne, the owner of Exquisite Gowns by Yvonne. Yvonne has a lovely, diverse collection of gowns. Yvonne provides the following statement on her pricing structure: “For all those that have not yet been to visit: I am often asked how can I offer dresses at such low prices. Please be re-assured that all my dresses are as I describe, brand new, with labels and offered at a fraction of the RRP. I source my suppliers very well and only buy dresses that I feel are excellent quality. I also buy from actual wedding shops here in Australia and America and I pass on any savings I can to you, the customer. I believe that a wedding is about the love and commitment that 2 people share for each other and not about the costs. Nowadays, money is hard come by and more and more couples are having to budget. With this in mind, all my dresses are worthy of a high price tag yet nothing in store is over $900. So please be confident in knowing that I am genuine and passionate about my work and well worth a visit. Yvonne”

It is always a delight to see Moe & Samantha around. They are the memorable characters behind Roaring Twenties Vintage Wedding Car Hire. We did a shoot with Moe & Samantha recently and we can’t wait to share what magic we created together.

All lighting on the day was provided by Jesse from Brisbane Festoon Hire. More from Jesse’s website: “Brisbane Festoon Hire is a professional lighting hire provider for weddings and events requiring unique and specialty lighting hire and installations. Our massive range includes festoon, pendants, chandeliers, fairy lights, lanterns, light up letters, LED lighting, site lighting, power distribution, cabling and more! We can provide DIY equipment hire or a complete hire, delivery and installation service”.

Anna Staines (celebrant) is vivacious and full of personality. We often see threads in online wedding groups asking if the celebrant is really worth being pedantic about (in other words, “Should we just choose the least expensive option in front of us?” or “What value do they really offer to us?”). Our opinion from the sidelines is that a celebrant can make or break a ceremony. Yep, make or break. If they are dry and dull, the tone of the ceremony is dry and dull. You get the picture! As you chat with Anna, it soon becomes evident that she is passionate about her role. Also, there is always a laugh just around the corner - perfect match for any concerns about nerves or awkwardness. Or your priority is to have a fun & memorable wedding experience - Anna is your girl!

Chillingworth duo, Holly & William, are the sweetest. We had the pleasure of hearing them perform and, honestly, you can’t go wrong. Put them at the top of the list for music options. More about them here: “Chillingworth is an Australian based pop duo that formed in 2017. William and Holly Chillingworth started their music career playing acoustic covers at parties and weddings. William then made the duo official by ‘putting a ring on it’ in 2017, and the couple have since been working hard, writing and recording their own music in their home studio. William brings the sweet guitar tones while Holly graces the vocals”. A little more from their bio on Triple J Unearthed: “Their synth pop sound is complete only with William's glorious guitar tones and Holly’s sweet vocals, and the pair are already making a name for themselves with their debut single ‘Young Love’ released late 2018”.

Sam & Jacqueline, from Something for Catering, created some magic for the vendors and attendees at the Open Day. The food was delicious and the service was second-to-none. In their own words, “We are South-East Queensland’s leading food, beverage catering and planning service.

If you are planning any outdoor or indoor event (wedding, corporate function or festival), we know it can be so much fun but also equally stressful for you. We are the experts in events and when you work with us we happily guarantee that you will enjoy the highest quality, food, beverages, planning and professional services so that you can sit back, relax and enjoy your event stress-free.

We provide high-end, restaurant quality food from our purpose-built, unique mobile catering van. We can travel far and wide no matter the location. Accompanied by a team of professional caterers, you couldn’t be in better hands”.

You can find out all about White Wings Dove Service here.

Finally, we had some fun with the reception lighting on the day and took the following images to showcase some non-traditional reception photography. It was all made easier working with Jesse’s lighting installations (see feature above).

All in all, it was a fabulous day. Thank you to the couples who visited on the day. To the fellow vendors, we really enjoyed meeting you, too!

Meet Kitty & Mark :: Requiem Images (United States)

We kicked off a new series in January featuring traveling photographers from around the world (most recent feature here; to date, the list includes Italy, Canada, United States and Australia). We make no secret of the fact that we love travel. We love learning about other cultures. We love contributing to a smaller, more interactive space. With this in mind, we are going to be sharing local stories by local photographers from around the world throughout our posts this year.

This month, and our 125th blog post (random fact!), is all about Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (United States), through the eyes of Kitty & Mark from Requiem Images. One of our favourite aspects of organising these features is getting to know the individuals involved; lovely Kitty & Mark are no exception. We have really enjoyed learning about their colourful corner of the world (showcased beautifully through their emotional photography) - and the personalities behind Requiem Images, too. (Our little one is a fan of Daniel Tiger; there is an interesting connection below!) Enjoy and thank you for joining in, Kitty & Mark! (All images below were taken in Pittsburgh.)




Photography by Requiem Images


Tell us about where you live:

We travel regularly and try to experience as many cultures as possible so my family and I like to consider ourselves more global citizens than anything; however, the home we own and where we spend most of our time is in Pittsburgh, PA.


Photography by Requiem Images


What makes your town, state or country unique?

Our city is unique because it’s like a hybrid of a small town and a city. We have a downtown with skyscrapers, lots of museums, parks, highways - so many things happening at any given time - but everyone knows one another and it’s essentially just a grouping of small, unique neighborhoods.

Also the bridges - Pittsburgh is rated 4th in the cities with the most number of bridges in the world.


If I traveled from the opposite side of the world, what should I visit in your town, state or country?

Mattress Factory, Warhol Museum, all the restaurants, Strip District, Lawrenceville - just make a week of it and experience all the little neighborhoods and see what each has to offer!


What is something quirky we would find in your town, state or country?

I wouldn’t say that Pittsburgh has one specific quirky feature, but rather that Pittsburgh is awesome because it is comprised of lots of little quirky aspects throughout the city and even its suburbs. Some great examples are The Mattress Factory (the worlds first museum dedicated to installation art), Picklesburgh (the highest-rated specialty food festival in the nation), the mass of dinosaur sculptures that can be found scattered around the city, monthly community ‘undies only’ bike rides, and so much more!


Coffee or chai tea?

Coffee. Because kids.


Best breakfast cafe?

Oooo that’s a good one! There are so many killer places to brunch in this town. If I absolutely have to chose, it's not necessarily a breakfast cafe but if I had to chose one place to go for brunch this weekend I would probably chose Eleven. My husband and I had brunch there for one of our first dates in Pittsburgh, so not only is the food great but the memories, as well. But seriously… there are tons of awesome places to brunch in Pittsburgh!


Photography by Requiem Images


Three reasons for why someone should visit your town, state or country?

It’s super friendly, has an amazing art scene, and an even more amazing food scene.


Photography by Requiem Images

Photography by Requiem Images

Photography by Requiem Images

Photography by Requiem Images

Photography by Requiem Images


Any local legends?

If we’re talking about people, there are loads! Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips, Andy Warhol, Mr Rogers, loads of actors and musicians, etc.

If we’re talking events, I’ve mentioned several awesome happenings throughout the interview that are totally worth checking out!


Photography by Requiem Images


Train, bus, car or walk?

Always try to walk if possible. It’s best for the environment and it can do a world of good, especially for someone who is self-employed, to just get outside for a few minutes. Luckily, we live in an area in Pitttsburgh that’s very walkable. One thing that makes Pittsburgh awesome is that there are lots of little walkable neighborhoods around the city - but if we have to get somewhere on the other side of the city we drive. (I would KILL to have an awesome train system in town!)


Best accommodation?

As a wedding photographer, I am pretty familiar with a lot of the hotels in town and I definitely have my favorites. My first choice would probably be the Ace Hotel - it's a former YMCA facility with a super cool vibe, amazing natural light pouring into all the rooms, a restaurant with great food, innovative cocktails, and it's in the perfect walkable part of town. If Ace is booked, some other faves include Hotel Monaco, Hotel Indigo, and the Fairmont downtown.


Must-see vantage point?

Mount Washington. Hands down. It offers a view of the entire city that can’t be beat.


Who is the most note-worthy person to come from your hometown?

Of course as an artist I’m biased, but I’d have to say Andy Warhol. My husband argues that it’s Mr. Rodgers (even though it often rains, Pittsburgh is a city filled with beautiful little neighborhoods).


Most colorful character in your hometown?

I’d have to say Tracy the Trailer Trash Girl. However, Sharon Needles and Alaska both deserve honorable mentions.


Photography by Requiem Images


Number one thing you miss when you’re away?

Pittsburgh is amazing and wonderful but my honest answer has to be my comfy bed.


Photography by Requiem Images




You will find Kitty & Mark here:

Information :: Perfectly Imperfect Memories

When you strip everything back and map out your wedding day, what is the key driving influence(s)? As Josh Withers succinctly points out, “The legal simple act of getting married only requires 120 words and five signatures. The answer to this question is interesting. It can range from “we want to celebrate the new chapter in our life with the people we love” to “we want to ensure that we don’t have regrets down the track” to “a celebration is important to my partner so I am going along for the ride” - <insert whatever reason here>.

In terms of photography, is the key driving influence to have perfect images of a perfect day? It is easy to get swept up in a current of pinterest boards, instagram hashtags, wedding planners, blogs - all of the things! - and lose sight of what makes the two of you exactly that: the two of you.

We were recently flicking through Deborah Needleman’s beautiful & relatable book The Perfectly Imperfect Home. The following stood out to us, in particular:

“Growing up, I was struck by the fact that our house had nothing personal in it. Nobody ever tacked up a picture she found amusing. No momento was brought back from a holiday and put on a shelf. No bunch of flowers was ever cut from the yard and stuck in a vase.

In fact, nothing ever got moved around or changed, until the day the decorators were brought back for an update. There were certain rooms, like the dining room and the living room, that we rarely entered. And there was a piano that no one knew how to play.

It was by no means a sad house. We were loved and cared for and the house itself was neat and attractive. But I have come to realise that the soul of a house needs attention. Our house had very little life - it wasn’t heavily used, engaged with, or loved. It didn’t add much to my conception of childhood or happiness.

This led me to appreciate deeply homes that are imbued with a sensibility and spirit-homes with a strong personality and signs of life. It made me long for a home with interesting people and dinner parties and friends spending the night. And it made me dislike homes that look perfect and unlived-in, or that have no whimsy.”

As you read the following two paragraphs, substitute the word “home” with “photograph” (okay, it’s somewhat of a tenuous stretch but please bear with us!):

“…Embracing imperfection in a home does not mean that anything goes. Here it means aiming for beauty tempered by reality. If real life involves mess, accidents, memory, and the incidental, then so too must decorating account for serendipity, and even embrace it.

…Good decoration solves problems elegantly. A stylish home is highly functional and reflects the best possible look for your life, budget, and mode of living (even your peculiarities), and the problems and advantages of the place you live in. This will lead to a home that enhances your sense of well-being, that inspires you and looks after you. Luxury cannot be defined by expense or by grandeur. Style is luxury, and luxury is simply what makes you happy.”

Our advice to you:

1) Take a deep breath

2) Don’t lose sight of the two of you

3) Enjoy & embrace the moments - even the perfectly imperfect ones! They are all part of your uniquely beautiful story.

Emunah Events :: Event Styling & Floral Design

We will start at the start.

We have worked with Emunah Events on a few projects now:

You will find Emunah Events listed on our recommended vendor page. We believe the following shoot will reinforce why they are highly recommended in our books. Not only are Carissa & Serena brilliant florists & stylists but they are all around lovely people, too. It is always a pleasure to work with both of them.

This shoot took place at the stunning Gabbinbar Homestead located in Toowoomba, Queensland. It is a truly magical venue. The beautiful cake was created by Cake House (more information here). Katrina, from Cake House, thoughtfully left some mini cakes for us to enjoy; they were delicious and were much appreciated.

Emunah Events Brisbane Wedding Photography

Information :: Please Check Spam


As we state at the top of our FAQ page: “If you have any questions, they might already be answered below. If not, feel free to use our contact page and send through your query. We aim to respond within 48 hours (Mon - Fri during business hours)”.

To date, we have responded to every enquiry within 48 business hours. If you haven’t received a response from us, please check your spam or feel free to call us.

Meet Patrick & Josée :: Dyade Photo (Canada)

We kicked off a new series in January featuring traveling photographers from around the world (most recent feature here; to date, the list includes Italy, United States and Australia). We make no secret of the fact that we love travel. We love learning about other cultures. We love contributing to a smaller, more interactive space. With this in mind, we are going to be sharing local stories by local photographers from around the world throughout our posts this year.

This month’s feature hails all the way from Quebec, Canada. We have been conversing with Patrick Dubuc and Josée Grondin from Dyade Photo during preparation for the following (very informative) blog post. Patrick & Josée are a delightful couple! Such fun-loving, easy-going photographers. Then they submitted their images for the post and left us swooning and re-prioritising our bucket list. You will see what we mean. Enjoy and thank you for joining in, Patrick & Josée!

Photography by Dyade Photo




Tell us about where you live

We have been moving a lot recently and have settled in Quebec City for about a year now. Both born in Montreal (about 2 hours and a half drive south-west from Quebec City), we love our new homeland because of its historical character and closeness to nature. Quebec City is pretty central to the province of Quebec and is an excellent base to make wonderful explorations.


What makes your town, state or country unique?

The province of Quebec is the only major French speaking province in Canada. The majority of its inhabitants speak French and English. Anglophone and Francophone cultures have been involved for hundreds of years and have greatly influenced our cultural heritage. Old Quebec City is the only walled city in North America. Inside its walls stands the Fairmont Chateau Frontenac, the most photographed hotel in the world. And in front of this hotel, pedestrians can walk the Dufferin Terrace which offers magnificent views of the St. Lawrence River. From Quebec City, this river widens significantly to eventually become a sea.


If I traveled from the opposite side of the world, what should I visit in your town, state or country?

If you are into outdoorsy activities, you definitely have to take the time to go to Mingan Archipelago National Park Reserve. This place is out of this world. It features colossal limestone monoliths that evoke landscapes from primeval times. Or do what we call the Tour de la Gaspésie, a legendary scenic drive that loops around the huge Gaspé Peninsula. Both National Geographic Traveler and Michelin Green Guide have recognized that it is an exceptional roadtrip to undertake.

If you are more into city effervescence and/or historical charm, enjoy the many attractions offered by the two major cities in the province. Montreal is a big, busy, exhilarating, cosmopolitan and artistic city with so much to see and do. Incredible entertainment, historic architecture, glorious food, vibrant culture and a night life that never stops: Montréal has it all! At a slightly quieter pace than her big sister, Quebec City has just as much to offer. European charm, UNESCO World Heritage site, museums, summer festivals and foodie’s heaven.


What is something quirky we would find in your town, state or country

If you ever come in the Province of Quebec on July 1st, you will be surprised by the number of moving trucks you will come across. July 1st is our unofficial National Moving Day! The majority of people who move from one rental to another do it that day.  It's unique in the world and we joke about having friends helping with the move getting paid with pizza and beer ;)


Coffee or chai/tea? (shoutout for fav coffee shop)

There are so many places to enjoy coffée or tea! Every Quebecer has his favorite coffee shop. But we are especially proud of our microbreweries. There has been a boom recently and several regional brews are emerging. Many areas in the province now have their Route de la Bière. So it's possible to add a microbrewery tour to your travel itinerary. What better way than to end a day of exploration with a drink in good company. We must say we have a preference for La Tête d’Allumette - beautifully settled in the Kamouraska region. One of the best places to enjoy a drink and the sunset over the St. Lawrence River.


Best breakfast cafe?

You have to have brunch at the internationally renowned Pied de Cochon located in the district of Plateau Mont-Royal in Montréal. It’s one of the most extravagant meals you will ever have. You can even have an ostrich egg for breakfast! Authentic dishes with real flavours of Quebec’s terroir.


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Three reasons for why someone should visit your town, state or country?

Nature is always on our doorstep. And as if that were not enough, we are blessed by four magnificent seasons that mark Quebec's landscapes and allow us to do so many different activities. In winter, you can go snowshoeing, skiing, skating; in summer, you can go hiking, boating and camping in the same places. In winter, you will experience -30℉ and huge snow storms while summer can be as hot as the Caribbean. Oh, and autumn is just icing on the cake with the most colorful scenery of golds and reds and oranges you will ever contemplate! Finally, we don’t want to brag about it but Quebecers are known for their “joie de vivre”, colourful French accents, culinary traditions, and the warm welcome we extend to visitors.


Any local legends?

Celine Dion… Does that ring a bell?  ;)


Train, bus, car or walk?

In Montréal and Quebec City, you can visit plenty of places by foot but if you truly want to immerse yourself in our beautiful province you have to have a car.


Best accommodation?

We are adventure lovers and we definitely have favorite places to sleep while on a trip. Have you ever thought of camping under the stars rocked by the breath of whales? You can do that at Camping Mer et Monde in Grandes-Bergeronnes. You can also sleep in a lighthouse on an island in the middle of the St. Lawrence River at the Phare de l'Île-du-Pot-à-l'Eau-de-Vie. And why not sleep in a transparent bubble at the top of a tree? Canopée-lit in Sacré-Coeur offers unusual accommodation located on a large forest estate with trails and rivers.


Must-see vantage point?

You have to see Mingan Archipelago National Park Reserve one time in your life. You have to go skiing at Le Massif de Charlevoix where the mountain ends at the sea. You have to contemplate the sunrise at the Mount Royal Belvedere in Montréal while the city slowly wakes up. By the way, it is THE best spot for french kissing at sunset ;)


Most colourful character in your hometown?

In Quebec City, the world’s snow capital, our snowman mascot named Bonhomme Carnaval is the official representative of the Quebec Winter Carnival. White as snow and clad in the red toque and arrow sash of our heroic past, Bonhomme embodies the joie de vivre of Quebecers! Enjoy a glass of Caribou while taking in the festive spirit of the Carnival!


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Number one thing you miss when you're away?

Our National meal - the Poutine! You have to try this dish of french fries, gravy and melted cheese ;)




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