We are vendor friendly at Poppy & Sage Photography.

You don't have to come begging and scraping for images of you working behind the scenes or for images of your products or services. You work hard. We work hard. What helps everyone in this pressure cooker that is small business is if we all get on together and help each other out. If you want images for your social media or website or whatever, just provide us with your email address and we will happily follow up your request (admin@poppyandsagephotography.com.au). As you can see below, whether you are a venue or a cake artist or a florist or a celebrant (or anyone else, for that matter), we show no favouritism.

We just have two requests:

1) Please credit the images with "Image by Poppy & Sage Photography" in all locations where the image is shared.

2) The images we typically provide are resized and sharpened for online use. Please let us know if you intend to use the images for another purpose other than sharing on your website or social media. For example, if you want to create a canvas from the image, this is fine. However, we would provide you with the most suitable resolution of the image for that purpose at no charge.

That's it. Looking forward to working with you.