Travel Diaries :: Fiji

Both of us are passionate about travel and exploring our world. (We regularly feature photographers from around the world and share their stories here.) We hope to pass this love of ours onto our little one, Chloe. Our travel adventures are never far from our memories - especially now that we are in the parent bunkers and going overseas is pretty much a day trip to Bribie Island!

I (Em) recently realised that it is 10 years this month since my first overseas adventure - all the way to Fiji. :) It was a wonderful experience made especially wonderful by the beautiful people who live there. I went off-the-beaten track (as much as you can on an island; Viti Levu, to be specific!) and immersed myself in the culture. I chose 35 images from my Fijian album to share. As these images are 10 years old, they are obviously not representative of our current work. I was torn about this and considered editing them to bring them up to date somewhat but decided to embrace the journey that photography has taken me on - flaws and all.

As we shared in our “About Us” post, it was this trip to Fiji that was a catalyst for my continuing journey with photography. It was such a privilege to capture this snapshot in time in a part of the world that was so new and fresh to me. I still sense this feeling of privilege whenever a couple chooses us to document moments that are important to them. I have a hunch that this feeling in itself will always feel new and fresh.