Meet Makeup Artist, Gabrielle!

We are going to close this year out and welcome the new year in by introducing outstanding local vendors. We can't wait to share their stories with you. Today you will meet Gabrielle, a Brisbane makeup artist. We have worked together previously and we have found Gabrielle to go above and beyond. We have found it easy to brainstorm ideas and looks with Gabrielle and, most importantly, she executes the final product flawlessly. It helps that she has a sweet personality and relatable nature, too! Here is her story.

Tell us about yourself: My name is Gabrielle Garner and I am a small town gal from the south coast of NSW. I recently moved to Brisbane originally for university but took a more creative path to do my Diploma in Screen and Media Specialised Makeup Services, which is definitely something I have always been interested in.

Why did you choose to become a makeup artist?: It kind of came to me one night that I wasn’t happy with my current study at university and I no longer had any interest in what I was doing. I have always loved makeup and my friends and family always told me that I should look into beauty/makeup, and so I did! It was a very last minute decision. I was looking on the internet and I came across the Australian Institute of Creative Design in Fortitude Valley. They had the perfect course for me. I signed up straight away and commenced study within a few weeks!

How did your interest in makeup artistry start?: I remember my first spark of interest within the makeup/beauty industry was at a very young age. I think I was about 12 at the time and I was in Sydney with my family. I remember seeing an advertisement somewhere about an open day for Ella Bache College and I was insistent that I would go. It was an amazing experience and that was definitely the pinnacle point for me in realising my interest was in the makeup and beauty industry. From there on I learnt a lot of tips for and tricks of makeup and beauty from watching a lot a Youtube videos and following makeup Youtubers. Each year I developed my skills further and I would occasionally practise on my friends and family. At this point in my life I was still a teenager and only saw makeup as a hobby.

Who inspires you in makeup artistry?: I would definitely say my first makeup trainer I ever had which was Samara Nilsson, owner of Boss Beauty Business in Brisbane. It inspires me to watch her build her own beauty empire and her personality is contagious. She is such a talented makeup artist and boss lady and I’m so glad I have had the pleasure of meeting her and working with her. Another makeup artist that inspires me is Penny Antuar, who is also a local Brisbane gal. Her skill set is amazing and her makeup is always flawless. She is such a creative force and is so versatile when working with different complexions.

Any misconceptions you would like to clear up?: I think people don’t always realise how much skill and knowledge goes into being a makeup artist. It’s not just a matter of putting makeup on someone’s face and making them look pretty. It requires knowledge about anatomy and physiology of the skin, product ingredients and their chemical makeup, and how they react to the skin. It’s about knowing the colour wheel. It is also about making someone FEEL good, not just look good. Applying makeup is an art form and I think that is something that people overlook.

Any tips you would be happy to share?: If you are just a beginner and wanting to know a bit more about makeup, I would definitely recommend just watching a couple of YouTube videos - that’s where I started! Plus there are always workshops that you can attend to get some one on one advice and training on makeup. I will be a part of the Boss Beauty Business team who is running these types of workshops starting February next year. If you’re looking to learn some more, you should definitely come along!

Why should couples choose you for their big day?: My main aim in my work is to make you feel and look beautiful. Providing that service for someone on their special day is so rewarding for me. I want to take the stress away from worrying about how they will look on the day and let them trust me 100%. I will deliver the result of feeling and looking their most beautiful on their special day.

How do you set yourself apart?: I believe being a makeup artist comes in two parts: skill and personality. I am confident with my skill set so I try to focus more on creating a comfortable environment for my clients and making them feel special. Asking your client questions about themselves and their interests is so important as it is a way of getting on their level and finding things that you can both relate to. Creating a relationship with your clients is so important as it can assist in them coming back to you time and time again for the services you provide!

You will find Gabrielle's instagram here: You can book her through or SMS/call on 0477076122.