Merry Christmas from Poppy & Sage Photography

Merry Christmas from Poppy & Sage Photography! We hope you have a wonderful day with your family and/or friends. This is the first year that our little girl, Chloe, has been old enough to participate in and enjoy Christmas (17-months-old). We don't have any established Christmas traditions around here yet. However, as of this year, we are now going to incorporate a gingerbread house tradition in amongst our general Christmas festivities. We have made one from time to time previously and it seems to have always been a challenge for us. We have a long way to go for an effortless experience BUT we love a good challenge! ...and we were never going to include images of the blood, sweat and tears that also featured during the process. ;-)

We aren't gingerbread experts by any stretch of the imagination but we do have one tip we would like to share. If you're stuck for decoration inspiration, you are guaranteed to find the solution at Tom's Confectionary Warehouse, Hendra ( Tom's Confectionary Warehouse looks unassuming from the outside but there is nothing unassuming about the range inside! It has to be seen to be believed.

We have welcomed a lovely Japanese homestay student into our family recently. Mayuko helped to make the gingerbread and was in charge of decoration. It was Mayuko's first gingerbread house and she did an outstanding job! We navigated some structural issues and battled Brisbane humidity with the royal icing but the final product was unanimously deemed a great success.