Emunah Events :: Event Styling & Floral Design

Carissa & Serena. Emunah Events. Where to start?

Well, firstly: we love the Emunah Events team (meet them and we know that you will agree!) and their outstanding work. They come highly recommended by us (you will find them on our recommended vendor page).

Prior to the wedding below, we most recently worked with the team on this shoot at Gabbinbar. We were blown away and delighted by their end product. They reached out to us again (we’re their in-house photographer) and mentioned the wedding below at Albert River Wines. We locked the date in and looked forward to working with the team again. Goodness, they blew us away once again. Absolutely.outstanding.work. Once again, it was a privilege and delight to work alongside these talented florists & stylists. We shot from 11:30 till 6 pm so the following images span from direct sunlight to golden hour. It was a funny day weather-wise as the sun popped in (=shade>blue white balance) and out (=sunlight>warm white balance) all day. Keeping the white balance consistent during editing was fun! ;) The location (Albert River Wines) is beautiful and so tranquil; make sure to add it to your list of venues to see in-person. It really is worth taking a look. We would like to note, too, that the signage was provided by Very Flamingo and, in our opinion, was very high quality. Feel free to check out these vendors for yourself and enjoy the following collection of shots from the day. :)

Emunah Events Brisbane Wedding Photography

Emunah Events :: Event Styling & Floral Design

We will start at the start.

We have worked with Emunah Events on a few projects now:

You will find Emunah Events listed on our recommended vendor page. We believe the following shoot will reinforce why they are highly recommended in our books. Not only are Carissa & Serena brilliant florists & stylists but they are all around lovely people, too. It is always a pleasure to work with both of them.

This shoot took place at the stunning Gabbinbar Homestead located in Toowoomba, Queensland. It is a truly magical venue. The beautiful cake was created by Cake House (more information here). Katrina, from Cake House, thoughtfully left some mini cakes for us to enjoy; they were delicious and were much appreciated.

Emunah Events Brisbane Wedding Photography

Information :: Sharla Park Country Weddings & Events

Six months ago, we did a photoshoot at Country Weddings Queensland. We fell in love with the venue and the shoot was memorable for all the right reasons. Country Weddings Queensland then became Sharla Park Country Weddings & Events and, during the past 6 months, the team behind Sharla Park Country Weddings & Events (David & Kerri) invested a lot of effort into this brand new venue. It now features a pontoon jetty, silo bar, and a white marquee (with more to come!). A huge thank you to Carissa & Serena from Emunah Events for organising this shoot. Furthermore, they are responsible for the gorgeous styling and head-turning floristry. The model was lovely Ainslea Barnes and the beautiful hair & makeup was the expertise of Courtney Cusack. The stunning dresses were provided by My Bridal Centre; really enjoyed shooting these! Thank you to everyone who joined in. :)


Sharla Park Country Weddings & Events has an open day coming up next month!

You are invited:

Date: 18th May 2019

Time: 3 - 7 pm

Address: 55 Maitland Road, Burpengary East 4505

Register your interest here!


Bridal Shoot :: Crisp White & Green Inspiration at Fort Lytton, Australia

The shoot below was a fun collaboration between Emunah Events, Makeup by Hayley Gervais and the lovely model Georgia. The shoot took place at Fort Lytton National Park. Fort Lytton has enjoyed some notoriety with the filming of Unbroken (Angelina Jolie) and The Railway Man (Nicole Kidman) so we figured that it should be good enough for us. ;)

All jokes aside, this was such a fun shoot. Georgia was amazing (you can find her instagram here). We shot this mid-morning during Brisbane’s hot & humid summer and Georgia did.not.complain.once. She was a trooper. Georgia’s wonderfully bubbly, make-the-best-of-the-moment personality really shone through.

Hayley, from Makeup by Hayley Gervais, is responsible for the conception of this shoot. It was a real treat to work with Hayley. Her stunning work - both hair & makeup - enhances natural beauty; it doesn’t distract from it. You will find Makeup by Hayley Gervais listed among our preferred vendors (here). Looking forward to working together soon!

Emunah Events. Honestly. We are obsessed with Carissa & Serena’s work so any opportunity to work with them is a no-brainer. As this was a simple, crisp shoot (sometimes less really is more), we wanted classic elements that would pop. As always, Emunah Events delivered. (You will find the Emunah team listed among our preferred vendors, too.)

None of this would have been possible without the above team. Thank you to each of you for such a memorable shoot.

Emunah Events :: Event Styling & Floral Design

Emunah Events recently asked us to take some images for them. Of course we agreed. It is easy to capture their outstanding floristry creations and beautiful styling service that they offer. You will find Emunah Events listed among our recommended wedding vendors based in Brisbane, Australia. All of the following images were taken at the stunning Riverside Receptions.

We have worked with Emunah Events regularly. We have really enjoyed getting to know Carissa & Serena. We have also really appreciated all the hard work and effort that goes into their role (mostly behind the scenes). Carissa & Serena are patient & friendly. They are driven & ambitious. They are a delight to work alongside.

All images above demonstrate Emunah Event’s floristry & styling. The images below contain floristry provided by a family member of the bride & groom. Emunah Events was only responsible for the styling of the following images.

We highly recommend the Emunah Events team and we are confident they will deliver a service & product that you will be forever happy with. <3

Lavender & Berries Wedding Inspiration at Country Weddings Queensland, Australia

Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend! We are thrilled to share one of our most recent shoots. The shoot took place at an exciting new wedding venue: Country Weddings Queensland. This stunning property is located on Maitland Road, Burpengary 4505. David & Kerri, the personalities behind it, are a delight to work with; their warmth and hospitality is memorable. Any couple that chooses to celebrate their big day at Country Weddings Queensland is in for a treat.

The entire team behind this shoot made the process seamless. Special mention, though, of the talented duo behind Emunah Events. Carissa & Serena are responsible for the 1) planning, 2) styling and 3) floristry! Thank you, once again, for all the hard work (mostly behind the scenes) that goes into a project of this size. It all came together perfectly - thanks to your determination and efforts - and matched our initial vision to a T! Emma Blakey & Dorrion Kroon made shooting a breeze; such a delightful couple. Finally, a big thank you to each of the businesses; we enjoyed working with all of you and your individual outstanding products/services! Looking forward to seeing each of you around in the near future.