Restless Legs & Itchy Feet

As well as portraiture, we enjoy travel photography. There always seems to be fresh inspiration around every corner. We aren't big on numbers but we have been to 20 countries to date. We are currently interspersing our regular Instagram posts with some shots from our international travels. If you enjoy travel photography as much as we do, we think we will find a lot to talk about over there. We welcome all tips, recommendations and local insights. Safe travel to fellow explorers! And hello from sunny Brisbane! :-)

Udaipur, India

Paris, France

Berlin, Germany

Zurich, Switzerland

Santorini, Greece

Venice, Italy

Kerala, India

Prague, Czech Republic

Brisbane, Australia... our beautiful home. To date, we have been to Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia. We are keen to keep exploring our own country as well as more international adventures. ^_^