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Poppy & Sage Photography Second Shooting

"Hello! I am <xyz> from <abc>. I have 50K following. I am getting married. Would you do the wedding photography for free and I'll pay you in exposure?"

"Hi! I am wondering if you would like to collaborate for <birthday party, vow renewal, store opening, newborn shoot, family reunion, engagement shoot>. It will be for a couple of hours and we'll give you a shout-out. Are you keen?"

Some photographers are offended by requests like this. They feel that they put a lot of time and effort into the business that they have built (very often from the ground up) and that the opportunity is not worth the risk. We are not actually opposed to these requests. If we can reach a mutually beneficial agreement, we will.

Also, marketing/exposure/networking doesn't come for free so we (as photographers) shouldn't expect your services for free. However, for a collaboration to be successful, it has to be mutually beneficial and agreed upon by both parties.

Some terms and conditions are as follows:

For weddings, we require

  • Testimonials from five previous collaborators (with associated referral data stemming from collaboration)

  • Engagement statistics for the past three years from an independently audited and verified authority

  • Contact details for your talent/business manager

  • A legal contract stipulating a holding bond requiring a minimum of five weddings booked within six months by clients (directly related to social media exposure); in the case that this is not followed through, we will require payment in full with interest

For all other events, we require

  • Testimonials from five previous collaborators (with associated referral data stemming from collaboration)

  • Creative license (control over location, theme, styling, vendors involved, and so on; the equivalent of a styled shoot)

Feel free to email us at or call us on +61424263106.

**Please note that we prioritise work for our paying clients over responding to requests for collaborations. Thank you for your patience! If it takes a while to get back, it is nothing personal. We will get there. If we agree to take on the collaboration, we will treat you like a client and will respect the turnaround time initally agreed upon during the planning phase. **

"We had the absolute pleasure of having Em and Pete from Poppy & Sage as our wedding photographers. There are not enough words to describe how lovely Em and Pete are. They are immediately warm and friendly and put everyone at ease, which is what you want on your big day. They were so good with our children who range in age from 1 - 14 years old. Even our moody teenager was smiling! Our guests are still talking about how brilliant our photographers were. Em and Pete demonstrate a high level of professionalism and organisation while maintaining a relaxed approach. We found them to be very accommodating and flexible, allowing us to make changes when we needed. Em and Pete were able to capture many beautiful moments and we have received so many compliments on our photos. Thank you, Em and Pete - you were perfection and we couldn't have picked better photographers!" ~Michael & Tara, valued wedding clients

“Thank you to Peter and Emily for our beautiful images. Such a warm, down-to-earth, professional couple who made our day relaxed and fun.” ~Greg & Claudine, valued vow renewal clients