Toowoomba :: Carnival of Flowers

Here are some images from three gardens that we visited as part of the Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers. One can only imagine how much time and effort goes into each of these gardens! We stopped at Danish Flower Art for a delicious lunch. It was such a relaxing spot and we enjoyed warm, friendly country hospitality. The food was yummy and hearty; highly recommend. If you end up going, make sure you check out the wall celebrating Crown Princess Mary of Denmark. Enjoy!

Toowoomba :: Steam Train & Carnival of Flowers (1/2)

One way (a very relaxing way) to get to the Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers is to join the Sunshine Express Rail Tour and take a steam train. We hopped on at Roma Street Station, Brisbane. It was a memorable trip with all the charm of yesteryear. In our next post, we'll share some of the gardens we visited.

Beautiful ranunculus at Picnic Point, Toowoomba

Pretty pops of colour along the way :-)

The car shown above was just one of many to line the tracks and watch the train go by :-)

Some water!

Toowoomba is such a quaint and inviting city

You can choose to have lunch provided upon arrival in Toowoomba

This melted in your mouth - highly recommend!

A day of flowers + Dessert = Count us in!

We hope to see the tulips in Holland one day; however, this was definitely a special experience and only a few hours from home, too!

Peaceful country view somewhere between Toowoomba and Brisbane

Back at Roma Street Station after a long but relaxing day :-)