Bridal Shoot :: Crisp White & Green Inspiration at Fort Lytton, Australia

The shoot below was a fun collaboration between Emunah Events, Makeup by Hayley Gervais and the lovely model Georgia. The shoot took place at Fort Lytton National Park. Fort Lytton has enjoyed some notoriety with the filming of Unbroken (Angelina Jolie) and The Railway Man (Nicole Kidman) so we figured that it should be good enough for us. ;)

All jokes aside, this was such a fun shoot. Georgia was amazing (you can find her instagram here). We shot this mid-morning during Brisbane’s hot & humid summer and Georgia did.not.complain.once. She was a trooper. Georgia’s wonderfully bubbly, make-the-best-of-the-moment personality really shone through.

Hayley, from Makeup by Hayley Gervais, is responsible for the conception of this shoot. It was a real treat to work with Hayley. Her stunning work - both hair & makeup - enhances natural beauty; it doesn’t distract from it. You will find Makeup by Hayley Gervais listed among our preferred vendors (here). Looking forward to working together soon!

Emunah Events. Honestly. We are obsessed with Carissa & Serena’s work so any opportunity to work with them is a no-brainer. As this was a simple, crisp shoot (sometimes less really is more), we wanted classic elements that would pop. As always, Emunah Events delivered. (You will find the Emunah team listed among our preferred vendors, too.)

None of this would have been possible without the above team. Thank you to each of you for such a memorable shoot.