Meet Event Hire & Stylists, Brodie & Dave!

We are excited to introduce an event hire & styling business based here in Brisbane, Australia. We have worked alongside the team from Click Picnic here and here. Dave & Brodie have a range of gorgeous collections featuring light and free-spirited through to vintage with a modern twist through to alluring and rich in texture and colour. Find out more about both the team and business in their own words below (and you will find them on our recommended vendor page):

"Tell us about yourselves"
We're a couple from Brisbane who work hard and have a lot of fun! When it comes to the business, I'm the boss and he's the muscle.

The lovely team from Click Picnic: Dave & Brodie

Click Picnic carefully curates all their items :)

"How did your interest in event hire begin?"
It was around the time I was planning my own baby shower. I realised how overwhelmed people get choosing items piece by piece for an event and I wanted to eliminate the confusion by offering complete hire packages for events.

"So, what is event hire?"
Yep, we get asked that all the time. We own furniture, decorative items and tableware that we hire out to our customers for their events. In a time when everyone loves to DIY their own event, our services are ideal for creating an atmosphere, filling an empty space or providing and styling a complete set-up for a celebration.

"Anything about what you do that you'd like to clear up?"
Yes! We're not just picnic hire. Our trestle tables are designed to be picnic height or formal seating height so you can offer your guests a formal sit down dinner.  
Also, we travel! We're open to events from Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast and Byron Bay and we're happy to work with you to customise a package.

"Do you have any tips for those of us who aren't experts?"
When you're planning an event, stay consistent through all areas. This doesn't mean everything has to "match" but it should flow right from your invitations through to your table decor.

"Why should couples choose you for their big day?"
We love what we do so we have a blast while we do it. You absolutely need fun people around when you're planning an event as it's no secret it can be stressful!
We provide a full set-up and pack-down service, which means you don't have to worry about running around to pick up items or drop things off when the event is done.

"How do you set yourself apart from competitors?"
Whilst we're happy to work with our clients to customise, we generally don't do item by item hire. This keeps your price down and the process really simple.

"What is the best advice you ever received?"
Trust the process. As a planner this has been such valuable advice. Not everything goes to plan but there is always a solution and sometimes the solution is better than what was originally in store.

You will find Click Picnic here: