Brisbane :: Boggo Road Gaol

We visited Brisbane Prison - also known as Boggo Road Gaol - recently. Officially known as Brisbane Prison, Boggo Road Gaol changed names due to the fact that the road that led to the prison became a boggy quagmire after rain. The informal name stuck, so to speak, and remains to this day. We did a 90-minute historical tour with our knowledgeable guide Kim and we highly recommend the experience! In fact, if this is something you have been meaning to do, skip trawling through our photos and GO! :-)

Note the words on the parapet at the top of the building: "H M PRISON FOR __MEN". It originally read "H M PRISON FOR WOMEN" as it was a purpose-built female prison. The change, reflected in the altered parapet, was implemented in the 1920s when this building became No 2 Division and housed long-term male inmates instead.

Kim sharing her passion and knowledge.

Intimidating doors enclosing the main entrance.

You will find testament to various skills of the inmates, including this sign featured on one of the walls in the main entrance.

This bell served a dual purpose: a call to attention for the prisoners and an alarm clock for the local neighbourhood.

Just beyond the inner gates (enclosing the main entrance).


Kim leading the way to the internal courtyard.

Barbed wire.

Looking back at the main entrance (note the bell pictured above inside on the left-hand side of the image).

More barbed wire.

F Building.

More barbed wire.

Stairs leading to cells.

Cell life.

The artwork and writing on the cell walls is an experience in itself. As you could imagine, some of it is quite confronting. Some obscene (not fit to publish). Some obscure.

The strikes and highlighted dates felt poignant.

Where there is life, there is hope.

If you feel nothing after hearing Slim's story, you should check yourself for a pulse. ;-) Hang on for the ride!

The box shown on the right-hand side of this picture (in the foreground of the table) was built to hold a TV. Prisoners would watch Days of Our Lives and Neighbours and sing along to the theme songs.

"Gentleman Joe" is referenced in graffiti inside some of the cells. Who he actually was is still a mystery.

Guard tower.

Pops of colour.

Based on the stories told during the tour, prison can bring out the best and worst in people. Make sure you do the historical tour and hear the story that accompanies the above picture. It is really sweet. =^_^=

Prison rules.

Conversations with family and friends through the perspex.

We certainly recommend checking out Boggo Road Gaol. :-)