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You will find us at @poppyandsagephotography

Hello! We have been working hard on our Instagram account in recent times (as we mentioned in a post, we are “thinking of it [Instagram] more as a living, breathing portfolio than just another social media account”) and thought that we would bring everyone up to date. So we have found that people rarely ask for our website details; however, they do consistently ask, “What is your IG handle?”

We now have 500+ unique images on our Instagram account (yes, we are obsessive compulsive about not putting up the same image twice). When we do a photoshoot, we follow our couple’s lead and we take the images that they have requested. We also take the ones that we feel that they would want/might need. We typically deliver 50-75 images/hour of shooting. Some of these then make their way to our blog to tell a visual story. Some end up on our business Facebook page. Finally, what goes up on Instagram are our highlights. The images that resonated with us personally. The ones that represent our brand. The ones that we want to use to attract clients. We trust that we are making the process of sourcing a photographer a little easier for you by making our portfolio more accessible.