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We kicked off a new series in January featuring traveling photographers from around the world (most recent feature here; to date, the list includes Italy, Canada, United States and Australia). We make no secret of the fact that we love travel. We love learning about other cultures. We love contributing to a smaller, more interactive space. With this in mind, we are going to be sharing local stories by local photographers from around the world throughout our posts this year.

This month, and our 125th blog post (random fact!), is all about Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (United States), through the eyes of Kitty & Mark from Requiem Images. One of our favourite aspects of organising these features is getting to know the individuals involved; lovely Kitty & Mark are no exception. We have really enjoyed learning about their colourful corner of the world (showcased beautifully through their emotional photography) - and the personalities behind Requiem Images, too. (Our little one is a fan of Daniel Tiger; there is an interesting connection below!) Enjoy and thank you for joining in, Kitty & Mark! (All images below were taken in Pittsburgh.)




Photography by Requiem Images


Tell us about where you live:

We travel regularly and try to experience as many cultures as possible so my family and I like to consider ourselves more global citizens than anything; however, the home we own and where we spend most of our time is in Pittsburgh, PA.


Photography by Requiem Images


What makes your town, state or country unique?

Our city is unique because it’s like a hybrid of a small town and a city. We have a downtown with skyscrapers, lots of museums, parks, highways - so many things happening at any given time - but everyone knows one another and it’s essentially just a grouping of small, unique neighborhoods.

Also the bridges - Pittsburgh is rated 4th in the cities with the most number of bridges in the world.


If I traveled from the opposite side of the world, what should I visit in your town, state or country?

Mattress Factory, Warhol Museum, all the restaurants, Strip District, Lawrenceville - just make a week of it and experience all the little neighborhoods and see what each has to offer!


What is something quirky we would find in your town, state or country?

I wouldn’t say that Pittsburgh has one specific quirky feature, but rather that Pittsburgh is awesome because it is comprised of lots of little quirky aspects throughout the city and even its suburbs. Some great examples are The Mattress Factory (the worlds first museum dedicated to installation art), Picklesburgh (the highest-rated specialty food festival in the nation), the mass of dinosaur sculptures that can be found scattered around the city, monthly community ‘undies only’ bike rides, and so much more!


Coffee or chai tea?

Coffee. Because kids.


Best breakfast cafe?

Oooo that’s a good one! There are so many killer places to brunch in this town. If I absolutely have to chose, it's not necessarily a breakfast cafe but if I had to chose one place to go for brunch this weekend I would probably chose Eleven. My husband and I had brunch there for one of our first dates in Pittsburgh, so not only is the food great but the memories, as well. But seriously… there are tons of awesome places to brunch in Pittsburgh!


Photography by Requiem Images


Three reasons for why someone should visit your town, state or country?

It’s super friendly, has an amazing art scene, and an even more amazing food scene.


Photography by Requiem Images

Photography by Requiem Images

Photography by Requiem Images

Photography by Requiem Images

Photography by Requiem Images


Any local legends?

If we’re talking about people, there are loads! Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips, Andy Warhol, Mr Rogers, loads of actors and musicians, etc.

If we’re talking events, I’ve mentioned several awesome happenings throughout the interview that are totally worth checking out!


Photography by Requiem Images


Train, bus, car or walk?

Always try to walk if possible. It’s best for the environment and it can do a world of good, especially for someone who is self-employed, to just get outside for a few minutes. Luckily, we live in an area in Pitttsburgh that’s very walkable. One thing that makes Pittsburgh awesome is that there are lots of little walkable neighborhoods around the city - but if we have to get somewhere on the other side of the city we drive. (I would KILL to have an awesome train system in town!)


Best accommodation?

As a wedding photographer, I am pretty familiar with a lot of the hotels in town and I definitely have my favorites. My first choice would probably be the Ace Hotel - it's a former YMCA facility with a super cool vibe, amazing natural light pouring into all the rooms, a restaurant with great food, innovative cocktails, and it's in the perfect walkable part of town. If Ace is booked, some other faves include Hotel Monaco, Hotel Indigo, and the Fairmont downtown.


Must-see vantage point?

Mount Washington. Hands down. It offers a view of the entire city that can’t be beat.


Who is the most note-worthy person to come from your hometown?

Of course as an artist I’m biased, but I’d have to say Andy Warhol. My husband argues that it’s Mr. Rodgers (even though it often rains, Pittsburgh is a city filled with beautiful little neighborhoods).


Most colorful character in your hometown?

I’d have to say Tracy the Trailer Trash Girl. However, Sharon Needles and Alaska both deserve honorable mentions.


Photography by Requiem Images


Number one thing you miss when you’re away?

Pittsburgh is amazing and wonderful but my honest answer has to be my comfy bed.


Photography by Requiem Images




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