Emunah Events :: Event Styling & Floral Design

This feature is about showcasing the wonderful team behind Emunah Events & the outstanding work they produce. You will find Emunah Events listed among our recommended wedding vendors based in Brisbane, Australia.

We have worked with Emunah Events regularly in recent times. We have really enjoyed getting to know Carissa & Serena. We have also really appreciated all the hard work and effort that goes into their role (mostly behind the scenes). Carissa & Serena are patient & friendly. They are driven & ambitious. They are a delight to work alongside. Furthermore, we wanted to share some insight into the hidden - but back-breaking and not always so romantic-as-it-sounds - work that is floristry and floral design. Ultimately, though, we wanted to focus on their stunning work. <3

When afternoon tea is almost as pretty as the florals you're working with. <3

Finally, most of us are under the impression that Carissa & Serena run Emunah Events. It is a little-known fact that Barney is actually the boss. He does a very good job of keeping everything running smoothly! <3

We highly recommend the Emunah Events team and we are confident they will deliver a service & product that you will be forever happy with. <3

The lovely Carissa & Serena from Emunah Events