Wedding :: Destination & International

We hope everyone is having a great start to 2018. We are. During this annual holiday period, we have been reminiscing about some of our recent travel memories. We were trawling through some of our albums and were reminded of a beautiful Indian wedding we attended. Our attendance was quite random and not planned and, like most adventures in India, has a story behind it.

India is so unpredictable and we find that aspect a bit intoxicating. We love traveling to different parts of the world for different reasons. Sometimes it's the food. Sometimes it's the people. Or architecture. Perhaps it's the culture. Arts. History. Or landmarks, to name a few reasons. India? It is delightfully chaotic and, if you hang around for long enough, you might discover a method to the madness.

Back to the wedding. We were staying in Kerala at the time and our accommodation was with a beautiful family. We had met the son, Ebin, here in Australia and his family welcomed us into their home. We were spoilt and treated like family for several days. We have so many lovely memories from our stay that we will treasure for our lifetime. On one of the days, Ebin's family invited us to a friend's wedding. We went along for the ride and it was such a unique experience!

The bride and groom were very happy and full of personality. The food was incredible. Furthermore, in Kerala, you will find Christians, Hindus and Muslims all living side-by-side. They are neighbours. They come and go in and out of each other's lives. They celebrate with each other in the good times and they support each other when things are challenging. This wedding was no exception. The guests came from different religious viewpoints and ways of life but managed to respectfully support their friends on their special day. It was quite remarkable and the uniqueness of the situation was not lost on us.

We love immersing ourselves in different cultures. There are always lessons to be learned and new perspectives to be gained. Now that we have a little one, we are committed to investing in the next generation of open-minded and respectful humans. Travel is certainly an excellent opportunity for achieving these goals. At Poppy & Sage Photography, we welcome destination and international weddings. We are happy to discuss the finer details so feel free to message us with any questions: admin (at) Take care and happy, safe adventures! <3