Brisbane :: A Local Perspective

This post was last updated: 25th of September 2019.


We were trawling through our Twitter feed recently when we discovered something that inspired us. Ghent's tourist board has set up some Pinterest boards to help with navigating your way around the city. We thought that this was an excellent concept and we wanted to jump on board. We have lived in Brisbane for ~ 18 years between us. There are plenty of things that we don't know about Brisbane but we are more than happy to share what we do know. We want everyone to enjoy their time in our beautiful city! If you have any suggestions for what we should include, please don't hesitate to contact us and let us know! In the meantime, please find our ideas below. As we discover new gems, we will update our Pinterest boards. :-)

Brisbane, Australia

Le Festival, Brisbane French Festival

Brisbane | Foodies

There are plenty of reputable sites with food recommendations in and around Brisbane. These include The Urban List and The Good Food Guide. We have included some of our personal favourites below and you'll find more suggestions on our board:

Northey Street City Farm

Brisbane | Children

We have a little 1-year-old. We know how important it is to find things that keep the whole family happy.

Artwork on a traffic signal box on Adelaide Street, Brisbane CBD

Brisbane | Design & Art

Brisbane isn't necessarily synonymous with design and art (if that is a focal point of your travels, you should probably go to Adelaide or Melbourne or Sydney instead; the latter has recently opened up an exciting gallery, "200 Treasures of the Australian Museum") but that doesn't mean that there aren't some gems in Brisbane. We would love to find out about more!

Maleny Bird World

Brisbane | Day Trips

There are far too many amazing things to see within a day's trip of Brisbane to not include this board!

If you are not familiar with Brisbane and you're here to explore, welcome! If you're a fellow local, we would love to know your hidden and not so hidden favourites!