Colourful Boho Inspiration at a Fern House in Brisbane, Australia

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend! We have been looking forward to sharing this shoot with everyone as it was quite an enjoyable experience. For this shoot, we ran with a colourful brief and threw caution to the wind with the incorporation of fun-loving boho elements. We wanted to incorporate a unique location so we set up the shoot in the Fern House at Mt Coot-tha Botanic Garden. Despite the soaking weather on the day, all the vendors pulled together, embraced the experience, and teamwork proved paramount (especially with lugging the furniture around in the rain). The vendors we worked with can be counted on be it rain, hail or shine!

Our lovely couple, Jayden and Talisha, were easy-going and delightful. Jayden rocked his suit from Black Jacket Suiting, which featured a playful pop of blue floral. Talisha was stunning in her dress from local Brisbane designer label When Freddie Met Lilly. Francesca’s Flowers provided the flower crown, buttonhole and a spectacular bouquet bursting with pops of colour and featuring contrasting textures. Little Duck Calligraphy’s stationary was thoughtfully executed drawing inspiration from colours synonymous with boho, such as can be found in Persian rugs. The table posies were the handiwork of Blooming Blossoms and incorporated wildflowers foraged during a morning walk. Cake My Day By Jo kept the cake simple and colourful and delicious! Hodgepodge Hire provided furniture full of character and boho vibes, as well as the table settings. Cheyne Finney was our lovely makeup artist and her execution was flawless.

Female Model // Talisha Hansen
Male Model // Jayden Moroney
Dress // When Freddie Met Lilly
Suit // Black Jacket Suiting
Calligraphy // Little Duck Calligraphy
Makeup // Cheyne Finney
Hair // Brianna Phillips
Bouquet // Francesca's Flowers
Cake // Cake My Day By Jo (with flowers from Francesca's Flowers)
Furniture // Hodgepodge Hire
Posies // Blooming Blossoms


Meet Photographers, Peter & Emily!

Meet us - Peter & Emily McDonald, the faces and personalities behind Poppy & Sage Photography! One of our goals for 2018 is to share more of our stories. Our ideas. Our priorities. Our goals. All the things that make us tick.

Our holiday faces during a recent trip to Adelaide, South Australia

Tell us about yourself:

We are Peter & Emily, better known as Pete & Em. Pete is an engineer (BEngHons1/BSc) and Em is currently a fulltime mum. Pete works in Brisbane CBD and specialises in the water industry. Em has a MAppSc (Res) and has studied at and/or worked for the Institute for Health and Biomedical Innovation, Queensland Eye Institute, Translational Research Institute, and Red Cross Blood Service. However, our proudest achievement and greatest privilege to date is being Dad & Mum to our little girl, Chloe. (All wedding images below were taken by Lady Jayde Photography at Abbey of the Roses, Warwick.)

Why did you choose to become photographers?:

(Emily) For as long as I can remember, I have been drawn to photography. As soon as I could afford a camera, I made it a priority. It certainly wasn't a very good one but it allowed me to express myself and grow. As I saved up more, I purchased a better camera and continued to stretch myself. I dabbled with photoshop and lightroom. I played around with vignettes and mattes and saturated colours. As I experimented, my editing style matured and I discovered that simple and true-to-reality meets the timeless brief I wanted to achieve. Friends started asking us to capture their events and moments. Poppy & Sage Photography grew organically from these humble beginnings. In some ways, I guess you could say that we fell into the business. In other ways, we have been systematically (but unwittingly) taking steps in this direction over many years.

(Peter) Because I love my wifey.

How did your interest in photography start?:

(Emily) My father is an Art/English high school teacher. I grew up surrounded by literature and art (and National Geographic magazines). One of my passions is travel. My first overseas trip was to Fiji in 2009. I hardly put my camera down for the two weeks I was there. I didn't want to miss a single opportunity to record my travel memories. From there, I undertook more adventures both at home and overseas. Each trip has reinforced how much I enjoy being behind the camera recording the moments that I never want to forget. My interest evolved into a passion. I wanted to be able to provide clients with something tangible so that those fleeting moments become unforgettable memories for them, too.

First overseas adventure (Fiji, 2009)

Wild Horses (Fiji, 2009)

Off the beaten track (Fiji, 2009)

Still Em's favourite image from the trip (Fiji, 2009)

(Peter) My wifey.

Pete on the hunt for food so spicy he could not eat it... he is still looking (Bengaluru, India, in 2014)

Who inspires you in photography?:

(Emily) I adore the raw connection and emotion Twyla Jones captures. For me, Twyla nails the essence of portrait photography. I admire Colby and Jess' ability to intersect stunning landscape with bold portraits. Their resulting work is incredibly dreamy and full of gorgeous colour and adventure!

(Peter) My wifey.

Any misconceptions you would like to clear up?:

(Emily) There is a common assumption that if you have a camera, you can take pictures for free (or close to). It's just a camera, right? There are many associated costs with photography. Camera bodies. Different lenses for different purposes (macro, portrait, landscape, to name a few). Travel expenses. Continuing education. Legal paperwork. Software licences. Website host. Website build. Memory cards. Hard drives. Flashes. Batteries. Computer. Insurance. Registration. Marketing. Advertising. Accounting. Tax. And, of course, time. Planning. Emailing. Culling. Emailing. Editing. Emailing. (And this list is not even extensive!)

(Peter) You can pay for wedding photography cheaply. Any person can use money to purchase good equipment, claim to be a remarkable photographer, and just rock up on the day and take photos. Such people may even boast that their work is so good that it doesn't need editing. If you were preparing to drive through the arid inland of Australia where fuel stations and mechanics are few and far between and even to places where most telco companies don't get reception and any mechanical issue with your car could be certain death, would you let your car be serviced by someone down the road who thinks that they can do the job? Or would you get your car serviced with someone who specialises in equipping and servicing your vehicle for Australian outback conditions? Exactly.

Any tips you would be happy to share?:

(Emily) We actually love to help out with your shoot wardrobe. This is not an inconvenience for us at all. We know what colours shoot well. We know what patterns clash. We don't want to take over (it's not about us, after all) - we just enjoy helping to direct or be a sounding board for ideas. Feel free to message us with concepts or pictures. We have also set up a pinterest board with some suggestions (here).

(Peter) We recommend two photographers for your big day. While it is true to a degree that you can get the job done with one photographer, you can cover so much more territory on the day with two. You also have the ability to capture the unfolding moments from different angles. Different perspectives. Different heights even (6' 5"!). I liken it to composing a nature documentary. If you just send one person with a camoflage tent and a telephoto lens to get all the material you need for a series, you will be there for months - perhaps even several seasons. However, if you send a team with the appropriate equipment, you will be able to capture all of the spring, new cub material you need within a much shorter period of time and you won't risk missing those unrepeatable moments.

Why should couples choose you for their big day?:

(Emily) We get that your wedding day cannot be replayed in real life ever again. That unique magic cannot be recreated. We only get one chance to get it right. We want to deliver a product that you will want to look over in a nursing home one day. One that tells the story of your day. The story that makes you as a couple valued and important.

(Peter) Poppy & Sage Photography sets itself apart by ensuring that each client we take on board experiences what working with a photographer should feel like and receives a premium product to look back on for the rest of your lives. How does Poppy & Sage Photography ensure that this promise is delivered? We cap the number of wedding clients we take on each year. This is really important to us and we believe it is reflected in the quality of our work. We have more time to plan everything with you. We have more time to learn about your priorities. We have more time to get the resulting product tailored to suit you.

How do you set yourself apart?:

(Emily) We limit the total number of weddings we shoot per year. We cap it at 30. You cannot pay us more to be number 31. Even if it's our dream wedding in a dream location with a dream couple. Why? We want to ensure that every couple we work with has our time and full attention. Guaranteed. We value old-fashioned service and quality. We want to be available in the lead-up to get to know both of you and the things that are important to you as a couple and your story. We want to hear the details. We will actually stop and listen. We are happy to meet up for chai latte or coffee. If you prefer text messages or emails or skype, we certainly accommodate. The last thing we want you to feel like is an inconvenience. Working with Poppy & Sage Photography is a bespoke experience tailored to suit you as no two couples are the same.

(Peter) Your longterm memories will be, to a large degree, determined by the quality or otherwise of the images. When we were on the market for a wedding photographer, the tedious process of searching for the right fit made it clear to us that it's a very mixed bag. You really do get what you pay for; if you want white balance inconsistency, dutch angles and soft focus, you can easily find someone to do the job. The stronger the portfolio, the exponentially harder the photographer was to find - or from our experience, anyway. We were (and still are) thrilled with our wedding album. If you are looking for quality and consistency and a photojournalistic approach, we are here to deliver. We would love to share the same satisfaction and enjoyment we get from our own wedding album with you and your loved ones.

You will find our instagram here: You can book us through admin (at) or SMS/call on 0424263106.

Fresh 48 :: Baby Abigail <3

This sweet little bundle of joy, Baby Abigail, was only 24 hours fresh when we captured these images of her at Royal Women's and Brisbane Hospital. Her family is one of the most beautiful and kind-hearted families you will ever meet. Abigail will be well-loved and nurtured, for sure.


Regarding the 52-week project we are currently participating in: the title of the project was "Red" and our heavily-influenced-by-the-parent-life interpretation is shown below.

Wedding :: Destination & International

We hope everyone is having a great start to 2018. We are. During this annual holiday period, we have been reminiscing about some of our recent travel memories. We were trawling through some of our albums and were reminded of a beautiful Indian wedding we attended. Our attendance was quite random and not planned and, like most adventures in India, has a story behind it.

India is so unpredictable and we find that aspect a bit intoxicating. We love traveling to different parts of the world for different reasons. Sometimes it's the food. Sometimes it's the people. Or architecture. Perhaps it's the culture. Arts. History. Or landmarks, to name a few reasons. India? It is delightfully chaotic and, if you hang around for long enough, you might discover a method to the madness.

Back to the wedding. We were staying in Kerala at the time and our accommodation was with a beautiful family. We had met the son, Ebin, here in Australia and his family welcomed us into their home. We were spoilt and treated like family for several days. We have so many lovely memories from our stay that we will treasure for our lifetime. On one of the days, Ebin's family invited us to a friend's wedding. We went along for the ride and it was such a unique experience!

The bride and groom were very happy and full of personality. The food was incredible. Furthermore, in Kerala, you will find Christians, Hindus and Muslims all living side-by-side. They are neighbours. They come and go in and out of each other's lives. They celebrate with each other in the good times and they support each other when things are challenging. This wedding was no exception. The guests came from different religious viewpoints and ways of life but managed to respectfully support their friends on their special day. It was quite remarkable and the uniqueness of the situation was not lost on us.

We love immersing ourselves in different cultures. There are always lessons to be learned and new perspectives to be gained. Now that we have a little one, we are committed to investing in the next generation of open-minded and respectful humans. Travel is certainly an excellent opportunity for achieving these goals. At Poppy & Sage Photography, we welcome destination and international weddings. We are happy to discuss the finer details so feel free to message us with any questions: admin (at) Take care and happy, safe adventures! <3

Armstrong Family <3

It was an absolute delight and pleasure to take some couple and family shots for the Armstrong Family. Such a sweet family and very easy to work with! We took these at Brisbane City Botanical Gardens. Little Thomas was very patient (as much as could be reasonably expected for a little man!) and was (is!) a perfect model.


Regarding the 52-week project we are currently participating in: we will update this post with the link to this week's project when it becomes available! (The title of the project was "11 - 12 pm" and our interpretation is shown below.)

Update: link here.

January | Week 2

(You will find the link for "January | Week 1" here.)

We are so excited to join in on a 52-week project with a group of talented photographer friends. Today we are thrilled and delighted to host it! The main purpose of this project is to encourage each other to get out and shoot more. When you're in a field that requires intrinsic motivation, it can be easy to fall into a slump and challenging to find your feet again. We have one theme to execute weekly for the full 52 weeks of 2018. One side-effect of actively participating in this project is that we have fresh inspiration every week. Another side-effect is that we have each other to support and encourage and challenge. We hope that you enjoy our individual perspectives on this week's challenge: "negative space". Have a wonderful week!

Lou Mitchell

Brisbane :: Crust & Company Artisan Baking

Crust & Company, Newmarket, is a very well established bakery in our neighbourhood. Their breads and pastries don't need a superfluous write-up - they are delicious and that is that. We wholeheartedly agree with this 5-star review on their facebook page: "My advice is don't go in there. You won't just walk out with one pastries [sic]. I had the almond croissant and pistachio croissants [sic] wish I never tried them [sic] I want them everyday now. Great range of pastries [sic] good weekend treat". If you're ever in the Newmarket area, do yourself a favour and enjoy a treat or two from Crust & Company. This is the pastry that my husband is guaranteed to walk out with when he goes in. :-D


In other news, you will find us featured over here today. We are very excited to be growing and stretching ourselves this year. We are surrounded with such great talent to draw inspiration from, too. We will keep you posted with links as the project progresses throughout the coming year.

Self-portrait, 2018

Meet Bridal Designer, Vanessa!

Happy New Year! We are going to welcome the new year in by introducing outstanding local vendors. We can't wait to share their stories with you. Today you will meet Vanessa, a Brisbane bridal designer. Vanessa has provided dresses for our couples previously and we have found her to be a dream to work with (just like her luxurious, stylish and bespoke gowns!). She is surprisingly down-to-earth and very relatable despite an impressive resume that includes New York Fashion Week and Australian Bridal Fashion Week. We have a little toddler and Vanessa wasted no time sharing funny stories from her parenting journey... ask her about caffeinated babyccinos. Here is Vanessa's story.

Image supplied by Vanessa Hoe

Tell us about yourself: My name is Vanessa Hoe and I am the designer of When Freddie met Lilly. I love travelling, music, crafts and family - which are just some of the things that inspire me.

Why did you choose Bridal?: I started my career in suiting and eventually started adding the women's wear to my store range. Much more fun and creative!

Who in Bridal inspires you?: Definitely Vera Wang. She's the best of the best.

Any misconceptions about your industry that you would like to dispel?: Well, especially in the bespoke side of things - it's a very special process which not many people understand as they have usually only shopped off the rack before. My bespoke designing allows the bride so much more individuality and her gown is made only for her. All in her measurements, her favourite lace, whatever shape and style she chooses. Hence the price tag can usually be a little more than the $1.5K most girls can justify spending. Nothing is mass made or produced so it is very time consuming and creative. Well worth putting a little extra aside in the budget for something so perfect for your vision and personality!

Do you have any tips for those of us who aren't experts?: It's best to have some sort of idea of what you would like in your Bridal gown before coming along to a bespoke appointment. This way we can focus down on the detail without becoming too overwhelmed! It is meant to be a fun and unforgettable experience after all.

Why should couples choose you for their big day?: When Freddie met Lilly can look after the whole Bridal party with our personalised service and private studio. You won't have to go anywhere else! We also run a promotion - buy your Bridal Gown with us and receive 20% off your Bridesmaid gowns.

You will find Vanessa's instagram here: You can call 0408 079 707 or book via email ( or online at

2017 // Year in Review

Happy New Year! We wanted to celebrate by sharing some of our favourite images from 2017. We're looking forward to comparing our posts in the coming years. <3

Armstrong Family <3

Isabeau <3

Florence <3

Josh & Jo <3

Lucinda & Sean <3

Caitlyn <3

Leonardo <3

Johnré <3

Upma <3

Lynsey <3

Merry Christmas from Poppy & Sage Photography

Merry Christmas from Poppy & Sage Photography! We hope you have a wonderful day with your family and/or friends. This is the first year that our little girl, Chloe, has been old enough to participate in and enjoy Christmas (17-months-old). We don't have any established Christmas traditions around here yet. However, as of this year, we are now going to incorporate a gingerbread house tradition in amongst our general Christmas festivities. We have made one from time to time previously and it seems to have always been a challenge for us. We have a long way to go for an effortless experience BUT we love a good challenge! ...and we were never going to include images of the blood, sweat and tears that also featured during the process. ;-)

We aren't gingerbread experts by any stretch of the imagination but we do have one tip we would like to share. If you're stuck for decoration inspiration, you are guaranteed to find the solution at Tom's Confectionary Warehouse, Hendra ( Tom's Confectionary Warehouse looks unassuming from the outside but there is nothing unassuming about the range inside! It has to be seen to be believed.

We have welcomed a lovely Japanese homestay student into our family recently. Mayuko helped to make the gingerbread and was in charge of decoration. It was Mayuko's first gingerbread house and she did an outstanding job! We navigated some structural issues and battled Brisbane humidity with the royal icing but the final product was unanimously deemed a great success.

Meet Makeup Artist, Gabrielle!

We are going to close this year out and welcome the new year in by introducing outstanding local vendors. We can't wait to share their stories with you. Today you will meet Gabrielle, a Brisbane makeup artist. We have worked together previously and we have found Gabrielle to go above and beyond. We have found it easy to brainstorm ideas and looks with Gabrielle and, most importantly, she executes the final product flawlessly. It helps that she has a sweet personality and relatable nature, too! Here is her story.

Tell us about yourself: My name is Gabrielle Garner and I am a small town gal from the south coast of NSW. I recently moved to Brisbane originally for university but took a more creative path to do my Diploma in Screen and Media Specialised Makeup Services, which is definitely something I have always been interested in.

Why did you choose to become a makeup artist?: It kind of came to me one night that I wasn’t happy with my current study at university and I no longer had any interest in what I was doing. I have always loved makeup and my friends and family always told me that I should look into beauty/makeup, and so I did! It was a very last minute decision. I was looking on the internet and I came across the Australian Institute of Creative Design in Fortitude Valley. They had the perfect course for me. I signed up straight away and commenced study within a few weeks!

How did your interest in makeup artistry start?: I remember my first spark of interest within the makeup/beauty industry was at a very young age. I think I was about 12 at the time and I was in Sydney with my family. I remember seeing an advertisement somewhere about an open day for Ella Bache College and I was insistent that I would go. It was an amazing experience and that was definitely the pinnacle point for me in realising my interest was in the makeup and beauty industry. From there on I learnt a lot of tips for and tricks of makeup and beauty from watching a lot a Youtube videos and following makeup Youtubers. Each year I developed my skills further and I would occasionally practise on my friends and family. At this point in my life I was still a teenager and only saw makeup as a hobby.

Who inspires you in makeup artistry?: I would definitely say my first makeup trainer I ever had which was Samara Nilsson, owner of Boss Beauty Business in Brisbane. It inspires me to watch her build her own beauty empire and her personality is contagious. She is such a talented makeup artist and boss lady and I’m so glad I have had the pleasure of meeting her and working with her. Another makeup artist that inspires me is Penny Antuar, who is also a local Brisbane gal. Her skill set is amazing and her makeup is always flawless. She is such a creative force and is so versatile when working with different complexions.

Any misconceptions you would like to clear up?: I think people don’t always realise how much skill and knowledge goes into being a makeup artist. It’s not just a matter of putting makeup on someone’s face and making them look pretty. It requires knowledge about anatomy and physiology of the skin, product ingredients and their chemical makeup, and how they react to the skin. It’s about knowing the colour wheel. It is also about making someone FEEL good, not just look good. Applying makeup is an art form and I think that is something that people overlook.

Any tips you would be happy to share?: If you are just a beginner and wanting to know a bit more about makeup, I would definitely recommend just watching a couple of YouTube videos - that’s where I started! Plus there are always workshops that you can attend to get some one on one advice and training on makeup. I will be a part of the Boss Beauty Business team who is running these types of workshops starting February next year. If you’re looking to learn some more, you should definitely come along!

Why should couples choose you for their big day?: My main aim in my work is to make you feel and look beautiful. Providing that service for someone on their special day is so rewarding for me. I want to take the stress away from worrying about how they will look on the day and let them trust me 100%. I will deliver the result of feeling and looking their most beautiful on their special day.

How do you set yourself apart?: I believe being a makeup artist comes in two parts: skill and personality. I am confident with my skill set so I try to focus more on creating a comfortable environment for my clients and making them feel special. Asking your client questions about themselves and their interests is so important as it is a way of getting on their level and finding things that you can both relate to. Creating a relationship with your clients is so important as it can assist in them coming back to you time and time again for the services you provide!

You will find Gabrielle's instagram here: You can book her through or SMS/call on 0477076122.

Christmas in Australia

Despite our recent very busy period, we always have time for pavlova (meringue with fruit and cream). Pavlova was named after the Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova, who visited Australia and New Zealand in the 1920s. There might be plenty of good-natured debate and rivalry surrounding its origin (Australia or New Zealand) but none of that matters at Christmas time. Loaded up with fresh, seasonal fruit and some tinned favourites, it is a summer treat that is hard to surpass. We miss our European Christmas experience deeply but there is something undeniably special about Christmas in Australia...

...and pavlova may or may not have something to do with that. ;-)

Restless Legs & Itchy Feet

As well as portraiture, we enjoy travel photography. There always seems to be fresh inspiration around every corner. We aren't big on numbers but we have been to 20 countries to date. We are currently interspersing our regular Instagram posts with some shots from our international travels. If you enjoy travel photography as much as we do, we think we will find a lot to talk about over there. We welcome all tips, recommendations and local insights. Safe travel to fellow explorers! And hello from rainy Brisbane! :-)

Rohet Garh, India

Brugge, Belgium

Braunwald, Switzerland

Santorini, Greece

Zurich, Switzerland

Prague, Czech Republic

Berlin, Germany

Florence, Italy

Bregenz, Austria

St Paul de Vence, France

Brisbane, Australia... our beautiful home. To date, we have been to Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia. We are keen to keep exploring our own country as well as more international adventures. ^_^

Poppy & Sage Photography :: Update

Hello! You may have noticed that we have been a bit quiet on our social media front recently. There is a very good reason for this: we have been busy, busy, busy behind the scenes. We have been working with a fabulous team of vendors on a couple of shoots. We can't wait to share all the details soon! For now, however, we are busy editing! We will also introduce you to the vendors so you can learn a little more about them and their individual businesses. The Brisbane wedding scene is huge so we want to help make it feel a little smaller and more personable. You will get to meet some fantastic people. Looking forward to sharing more soon! :-)

Caitlyn <3

We recently collaborated with Caitlyn (model & instagram here: and Gabrielle (makeup artist & instagram here:; Gabrielle also styled Caitlyn's hair). Caitlyn and Gabrielle were a dream to work with and we highly recommend both of them. We went to Racecourse Road for a cafe-themed shoot and incorporated some spring shots, too. :-) We took some photos at The Stables Craft Bar & Kitchen, Ascot. We also took some at Le Bon Choix, Ascot.

Caitlyn <3

We recently collaborated with Caitlyn (model & instagram here: and Gabrielle (makeup artist & instagram here: ; Gabrielle also styled Caitlyn's hair). Caitlyn and Gabrielle were a dream to work with and we highly recommend both of them. We went to Racecourse Road for a cafe-themed shoot and incorporated some spring shots, too. :-) Here are the spring shots and we'll share the cafe-themed shoot next time.

Restless Legs & Itchy Feet

As well as portraiture, we enjoy travel photography. There always seems to be fresh inspiration around every corner. We aren't big on numbers but we have been to 20 countries to date. We are currently interspersing our regular Instagram posts with some shots from our international travels. If you enjoy travel photography as much as we do, we think we will find a lot to talk about over there. We welcome all tips, recommendations and local insights. Safe travel to fellow explorers! And hello from sunny Brisbane! :-)

Santorini, Greece

Prague, Czech Republic


Dresden, Germany

Deogarh, India

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Florence, Italy

Paris, France

Cochin, India

Ghent, Belgium

Brisbane, Australia - our beautiful home for now

Brisbane :: A Local Perspective

We were trawling through our Twitter feed recently when we discovered something that inspired us. Ghent's tourist board has set up some Pinterest boards to help with navigating your way around the city. We thought that this was an excellent concept and we wanted to jump on board. We have lived in Brisbane for ~ 18 years between us. There are plenty of things that we don't know about Brisbane but we are more than happy to share what we do know. We want everyone to enjoy their time in our beautiful city! If you have any suggestions for what we should include, please don't hesitate to contact us and let us know! In the meantime, please find our ideas below. As we discover new gems, we will update our Pinterest boards. :-)

Brisbane, Australia

Le Festival, Brisbane French Festival

Brisbane | Foodies

There are plenty of reputable sites with food recommendations in and around Brisbane. These include The Urban List and The Good Food Guide. We have included some of our personal favourites below and you'll find more suggestions on our board:

Northey Street City Farm

Brisbane | Children

We have a little 1-year-old. We know how important it is to find things that keep the whole family happy.

Artwork on a traffic signal box on Adelaide Street, Brisbane CBD

Brisbane | Design & Art

Brisbane isn't necessarily synonymous with design and art (if that is a focal point of your travels, you should probably go to Adelaide or Melbourne or Sydney instead; the latter has recently opened up an exciting gallery, "200 Treasures of the Australian Museum") but that doesn't mean that there aren't some gems in Brisbane. We would love to find out about more!

Maleny Bird World

Brisbane | Day Trips

There are far too many amazing things to see within a day's trip of Brisbane to not include this board!

If you are not familiar with Brisbane and you're here to explore, welcome! If you're a fellow local, we would love to know your hidden and not so hidden favourites!

Brisbane :: Festitalia

Ciao! We recently enjoyed Brisbane's Italian Festival at Spencer Park, Newmarket. It was jam-packed with activities and interests for all ages. Honestly, who could say no to a gelato eating contest? Or a cannoli one, for that matter (and the fastest cannolo eater wins a dozen cannoli)? Or watching a master acrobatic pizzaiolo in action? Some personal highlights were the salted coconut and mango gelato (if you find yourself in Rosalie, check Gelateria Cremona out) and the baby animal pen (we might have gone back twice!). Oh, and the things we haven't mentioned yet are the flagthrowing exhibitions, tarantella dancers, gladiator chariots, parasol painting... in short, if you haven't been before, don't miss out next year! Buongiorno!